Our Apartheid Justice System

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Right in the middle of a murder trial, he was removed from a case that resulted in his client being sent to jail. 
 Approximately four years have passed since Dr. Glenn-Vickers:Bey, formerly a Suffolk County attorney who had been suspended from practicing law, finds himself embroiled in his own case similar to that of “Attorney At War,â€? Alton Maddox. Attorney Dr. Vickers:Bey was in the middle of defending his client Sheron Thomas, a young Long Island African-American woman, who was accused of  allegedly killing a white man in 1997.
 All too common in “Minorityâ€? high profile cases, the attorneys are prone to attack by the powers that be, or should I say, the “Apartheid system of justice.â€?  Had “Attorney at Warâ€? Alton Maddox gotten the proper legal support of his peers – maybe we wouldn’t hear about cases like Dr. Vickers:Bey, or Lynn Steward, currently on trial. Dr. Vikers:Bey, a Moorish American National, felt that being removed from the case was partly the reason Thomas was incarcerated.  “I was right in the middle of picking a jury when Ms. Thomas was stripped of her murder trial defense – in violation of U.S. Constitutional Law, together with her Civil Rights Protection,â€? stated Vikers:Bey.
 The coverage of the Tawana Brawley trial in the news and on television lead to Maddox  being victimized by what we now know as the “Apartheid System of Justice.â€?  Maddox’s great legal mind, being disbarred from practicing law in New York State, is a major loss of good legal services in the African-American community. Unlike the treatment thousands of so-called defendants commonly receive in the justice system today, it was in upstate New York where a subliminal message was sent to “Minorityâ€? attorneys when Maddox’s law license was attacked because he dared to represent “Poor folks,â€? and from the looks of Maddox’s legal support – the invisible or mental whip worked on other attorneys.
 Maddox and Vikers:Bey went to law school and became lawyers, which made them officers of the court.  If the justice system can railroad them, we haven’t got a chance.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Duchess County court or Suffolk County court the saying still remains, “A Black man has no rights that a White man is bound to respect.â€?
 Dr. Vicker:Bey has a wife and six children to support, but this did not matter to the system that employed him.  At one point in his trial, the judge felt it was okay to disrespect him as a man.  “Don’t you get it…. We are not going to allow you to practice law out here,â€? stated the judge, referring to Suffolk County court, and then went on to say, “But Mr. Vickers you look like you have strong shoulders, why don’t you see if you can get a job lifting boxes at Pathmark, I hear they are hiring. Why don’t you go today.â€?  This account was taken from court papers.  
 Without a doubt, there’s a systemic bias in the justice system being administered in this country, i.e., criminal, family, city, state, federal courts, etc.  How does someone walk in what appears to be ‘Hell’ and expect to get justice?  It is clear, this “Apartheid System of Justice,â€? is designed for a purpose – to single out the strong and attack ‘the weakest link.’
 After perusing the "1991 Minority Report," it became very clear, most People who get caught up in the justice system only crime is their economic status or ability to hire a high-priced attorney. The People who happen to be defined in groups the New York State Judicial Commission on Minorities speaks about, “… Blacks, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics,â€? (sic) should get a copy of the 1991 minority report before walking into what is called in the report “Ghetto Courts,â€? because your liberty may depend on it.
 What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  There’s no such thing when justice comes with a price tag and you get nothing for free, “If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you.â€?  Right.  No matter if it’s a legal aid or 18B attorney, most defendants are remanded to jail – and time is money.
 In a press conference held this past February, Dr. Vickers:Bey received the support of his Moorish Brothers who came from as far away as Baltimore, Maryland and from the Baptist Churches in Babylon, Long Island. We must not let Dr. Vickers:Bey's knowledge of the law go to waste.  He’s a legal educator who can assist in civil rights matters and legal appeals.  We know his suspension was purely an economic attack.  Contact him at 631-587-5453, to get a copy of the "1991 Minority report."
 In my next column, I detail the case of two young African-American men, Mark Dobbins and Levi Woods, who became victims of racial profiling while driving “Black,â€? on Interstate 95.  The Maryland Transportation polices made up charges to arrest these two young men.  A Maryland District Court judge will decide faith December 1st; I will have the full story.
 Knowing we live in a racist country does not help to just call it what it is, because the racism and the racist go unchallenged.  It’s time to start identifying who are the good People and evil People.  It’s the good People who should be controlling the wealth in this world and making the laws we all can live by. 
 I have closely watched those who believe, “IN GOD WE TRUST,â€? as I continue to get on my knees and pray to the Most High for the power and strength to expose the true hollow-soul bloodsuckers who are destroying the elderly, young and babies, using their own “Name.â€?  However, it will come to pass, because Good will always win over Evil and I choose Good – do you have the spine to just make a choice?

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