Palin's, Sanford’s Woes; Good For Rush Limbaugh And World Peace

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Sarah Palin said she’s no dead fish and that she’s a maverick and that she’s not a quitter.

Then she announced that she was quitting as Alaska governor by the end of the month and handing power to the Lt. Governor.

Palin attacked the politics of “personal attacks.”

How quickly we forget. During her and John McCain’s failed presidential run, she was the Queen of Dirty Politics.

She accused candidate Barack Obama of not being patriotic; she accused him of “palling around with terrorists”; and, she accused him being a “socialist” to scare Americans.

She said things that were nasty and that she knew to be false; she egged on rednecks who started attending  McCain and Palin rallies and yelling “kill him,” “kill him,” whenever Obama’s name came up.

The effect of the scare-mongering was best captured by the elderly lady who declared that she didn’t trust Obama because she had read on the Internet that he was “Ay-Rab.”

Now Palin complains of personal attacks? Maybe she does need the time off to get her head examined.

Palin has been scorched by the heat of her and John McCain’s failed campaign. There were many signs in recent weeks that she would not last, including her repeated exchanges with David Letterman, after she was offended about a joke he made about her daughter and Yankees baseball players.

The aftermath of the Presidential run has now cost Palin her job and it also exposed her family’s dysfunction.

Last year, the McCain campaign had arm-twisted the High school redneck Levi Johnston into saying he would marry Palin’s daughter Bristol, whom he’d impregnated when she was only 17. So much for Republican “family values” then.

On these pages, we wrote that there would be no such marriage since McCain would not win the White House, which was the only inducement held out to Levi.

Palin’s resignation news conference, absent any revelation of adultery, sounded very similar to South Carolina Governor Mark “I forgot Republican family values” Sanford’s last week. Both the Republican governors delivered disjointed and often senseless remarks.

Ironically, both had also turned down money to their states from the federal stimulus. Not surprisingly a court and fellow Republicans had reversed Gov. Sanford’s opposition; his state’s taking the $700 million.

Alaska enjoys oil and natural gas wealth and may not need money the way S. Carolina does. Both governors, with an eye towards future presidential bids, and wanting to protect “fiscally responsible” bona fides, claimed the stimulus would merely increase the national deficit and create a burden for future generations.

Palin went further, saying the stimulus “doesn’t even make economic sense.” She must be excused since she never took Economics 101. Without spending money, how else is government to create jobs as the nation hemorrhages more than 600,000 jobs a month, thanks to the George W. Bush and Republican recession?

Palin saved her best ire for the Democratic Party and for the media.

After she was invited to be McCain’s running mate last summer, political operatives descended on Alaska to “dig up dirt,” she said. She was soon defending herself on ethics charges. Some of the charges included holding a fish while taking a photo; wearing a jacket with a logo; and even answering reporters’ questions, she contended.

“We won” she boasted, referring to the fact that all 15 charges were dropped. She neglected to say that the officials that “exonerated” her were her political appointees and that one of the more serious charges was that she had fired a police chief simply because he rejected orders to get rid of another official whom Palin’s husband, Todd, wanted gone.

Dealing with the attacks had cost the state $2 million and defending against the "politics of personal destruction" and "silly accusations" had left her and Todd swimming in $500,000 in legal debt.

The attacks were designed by Democrats to drain resources of Republicans and weaken the party, she said. So the best thing was to quit, since such attacks won’t end, she concluded.

The media’s big failure, Palin contends, was not covering all the great things that she had accomplished in Alaska.

Frankly, Palin’s media woes, started the moment she thankfully opened her mouth for interviews. She had alarmed the entire world with her responses to gentle questions by Katie Couric.

Who can ever forget the specter of Vladimir Putin's menacing head looming over Alaska and the need for a Commander in Chief like Palin to fire off missiles at it or order fighter jets to intercept the Russian's head.

As for a few examples of memorable Supreme Court decisions?: "I'll get back at'cha!"

The entire globe held its collective breath and prayed that the creator would not allow McCain to win and have Palin as Vice President; a heartbeat away from the presidency. We should all thank the media in that instance.

The world saw that she was an amiable person but not intellectually equipped to be president of the United States.

McCain is down because of his age; Palin is down because the world is terrified of the prospects of her as president; Sanford prefers to be down under in Argentina; and, Newt Gingrich will remain down because of what many people saw as a Contract On Working  Americans debacle not Contract With America.

The Republican’s leader is still Rush Limbaugh, who could never be elected mayor of a 5,000 population town.

Long Live The King.

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