Perversion Of A Kenyan “Judge”

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[Black Star News Editorial]

These are the facts.

Thomas Cholmondeley, a White “owner” of huge tracks of land in Kenya saw a Kenyan –African—walking on his estate some years ago and shot him dead.

The wealthy White man was never tried for the murder; he claimed he had aimed at the dog of the Kenyan who had trespassed on his land and that the killing was accidental.

A few years later, he shoots and kills another Kenyan, 37-year-old Robert Njoya—African of course. Njoya had allegedly been poaching on the land “owned” by Cholmondeley.

Cholmondeley, the White land usurper –his ancestors never bought the land from the Africans that owned it when “settlers” came from Britain to Kenya— has just been sentenced for the second killing, on which he was tried and convicted this time.

Yet, we have no idea why the Kenyan judge did not simply release Cholmondeley;  if he’s just immediately freed the absurdity would make more sense. He has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

Yes, that’s eight months; not eight years; not 80 years. One; two; three; four; five; six; seven;  and, eight, months.

Why even bother keeping the good Cholmondeley incarcerated for eight whole months if the Kenyan judge truly believes that the life of an African has no value? Is this a perverse application of the Clarence Thomas effect, wherein a Black judge sees no value in the life of Black folk?

Cholmondeley has been in prison since 2006 when he was arrested for the second murder. If judge Muga Apondi wants for the sentence he “imposed” to make any sense at all, then why not also apologize for having locked poor Cholmondeley up? Why not also pay him compensation for the inconvenience caused and just let him go?

Why not also demand for the relatives of the two murdered Kenyans to come forth and apologize for the hardship caused to Cholmondeley by having him stand trial?

Maybe these relatives of the men killed by Cholmondeley should also pay compensation.

If these things we recommend are applied then Apondi’s perversion would make more sense. In the meantime, Apondi’s head needs to be examined.

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