Petition Susan Rice: Back Sanctions Against Rwanda's Kagame And Uganda's Museveni for Supporting M23 Terrorists In Congo

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[Black Star News Editorial]

The M23 terrorist army which invaded Congo, seized Goma and caused untold suffering against women and children in that Central African country is commanded by Rwanda's defense minister and also backed by Uganda according to a United Nations report.
Millions of Congolese have perished over the years through deliberately instigated outside conflict by Congo's neighbors who use the cover of chaotic conditions to plunder Congo's immense wealth.  
The individuals behind the crimes don't care about the number of civilians killed, including children, or how many women are raped or  whose bodies are mutilated.
When Liberia's former president Charles Taylor supported similar brutalities by insurgents against civilians in Sierra Leone, he was eventually arrested, tried, convicted and is now serving a 50 year sentence by a special court.
M23 has been committing atrocities against Congolese civilians for months. Before that other Rwanda-backed and controlled militias under different names had been committing crimes in Congo for years.
In the past the crimes -- massacres, beheadings, mass rapes, including of infants and plunder of resources-- were carried out by militias under the command of Laurent Nkunda. When the international community protested and threatened actions against Rwanda, Gen. Kagame replaced Nkunda with Bosco Ntaganda. Nkunda is now harbored by Rwanda.
M23's fighters include Rwandan nationals -- those who flee back to Rwanda are brought back to Congo and then executed according to the United Nations report by a group of experts.
Although Ntaganda is the nominal leader on the ground he and others such as Sultani Makenga receive "direct military orders" from Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) "Chief of Defense Staff General Charles Kayonga, who in turn acts on instructions from Minster of Defense General James Kabarebe" according to the UN report.  
Furthermore, the report says a Rwandan general, Emmanuel Ruvusha, manages military ground support for M23, while Permanent Secretary in the Defense Ministry, Gen. Jacques Nziza, provides strategic advice and oversees logistical support.
The report says M23's handlers in Uganda are: Gen. Salim Saleh, the brother to Gen. Museveni and Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs; and, Gen. Kale Kayihura Uganda's Inspector General of Police.  
It's no coincidence that the assault against Goma was ordered two days before the United Nations report was released. Both Rwanda and Uganda had unsuccessfully tried to suppress the report or to have it changed.  
Both Gen. Kagame and Gen. Museveni are trying to deflect attention away from their culpability in the crimes against Congolese by M23, the Rwanda-created army , as the UN showed. Both deserve to be brought to justice in the same manner as Liberia's Charles Taylor was.
This is now time for the international community to end Congo's agony once and for all.   
The U.S. has for years provided financial and military support to the governments of Rwanda and Uganda so the U.S. wields strong influence in the region.
Support the petition  asking Susan Rice the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and presumed nominee for Secretary of State to support Security Council sanctions against the leaders of Rwanda and Uganda who have been supporting M23, including prosecution.
Editor's Note:

60 People Have Already signed the petition started today. Won't you join in helping to rescue Congo's women and children from the Rwanda- and Uganda-backed M23 thugs?

                Stephane Gamizelo RICHARDS BAY, SOUTH AFRICA 
about 3 hours ago Liked 0 

Innocent people mostly women,children and the elderly are dying as a consequence of this unfair armed conflicts in Eastern Congo.I cannot stand watching these horrific pictures on tv everyday.

                Ruth Morrison BROOKLYN, NY 
about 3 hours ago Liked 0 

Crimes against humanity is unacceptable. Atrocities against living beings need to stop! The U.S. can and must step in to prevent the M23 crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Congo! 

                Nzeyimana Ambrose LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM 
about 3 hours ago Liked 0 

Ambassador Susan Rice should look in the mirror and imagine herself under the skin of these millions of elderly, women, and children that Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni have been ordering for murder for the last 28 years in Uganda, 22 years in Rwanda and 16 years in the Democratic Republic Republic of Congo. All Ugandan, Rwandan and Congolese victims were human beings as worth living as herself.

                ken Bright MT. VERNON, NY 
about 4 hours ago Liked 0 


                Chris Derek Nyero-Ladujah LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM 
about 4 hours ago Liked 0 

This is important to me because every since the Musevenis and the Kagames imposed their will on us 27 years ago, the entire East and Central Africa has never known peace but hideous crime against our humanity.
                Providence Rubingisa WHEATON, IL 
23 minutes ago Liked 0 

M23 was created by Rwanda,Great lakes will never rest with Kagame agenda of killing women,children, stealing the minerals in Congo.6,000,000 death is enouth.

                Jacqueline Baguma ENFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM 
26 minutes ago Liked 0 

Innocent people should not suffer. Children and pregnant women. 


                Jessica couleur PHOENIX, AZ 
33 minutes ago Liked 0 

I have close friends from Goma, and they are devastated by the events. Please stop the violence!

                   Samuel Olara LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM 
about 1 hour ago Liked 0 

Congolese have suffered enough, 6.4 million people is the largest number of deaths since the second world war! What horror is going to cinge our humanity into saying enough is enough.

                Ignacio Domínguez X, SPAIN 
about 1 hour ago Liked 0 


                victor kembolo BRUSSELS, BELGIUM 
about 1 hour ago Liked 0 

It is important in order to bring a lasting peace in the great lakes region.

                Jackie byars ANN ARBO, MI 
about 2 hours ago Liked 0 

Rape as a method of warfare is abhorrent.

                wally nkikita GALWAY, IRELAND 
about 2 hours ago Liked 0 

as a congolese,its too sad for the impunity which happening in congo

                Celeste Noble SAVANNAH, GA 
about 1 hour ago Liked 0 

Great power, great responsibility.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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