Please Come See About Me

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Why won’t you come see about me?
I am right here, so close to you, if you would only turn around and look my way.
Don’t you care that I am hurting?
Don’t you care that I can see death whispering over the horizon?
I am being suffocated by the pain that is raining down upon me and truthfully, the pain alone, is enough to kill me.
The pain of knowing that making it through this storm was only the beginning.
Because even after the darkness of the storm subsided, the daylight of destruction still consumes me, and I can’t stop screaming.
Can’t you hear me, can’t you hear me calling out to you, begging you, pleading with you, to come rescue me.
With all that is left in me, I beg you to please let God use you.
Right now, wherever you are, in your home, on your job, wherever you are, I beg you to please let God use you.
Let God use you to light my way and restore my hope, one prayer at a time.
Let God use you to free me from this prison I am drowning in.
Minute by minute, hour by hour, I am grasping for air as my life flashes before my eyes.
My tears stain what is left of my spirit.
I feel broken, but still I pray, I pray to God that He will send you to rescue me.
I know that death has taken hold of me, but with my last breath I am reaching out to you.
So please don’t turn away from me now, when you are so close to finding me.
I understand that you may have trouble believing that you can make a difference, the devastation is so immense, a nightmarish reality.
From the outside looking in, you probably don’t know where to begin, you don’t even believe that you have enough resources to help me.
So you watch me on TV, you hear my story, you feel bad for me and even shed a tear for me, but you don’t think that you have the ability to save me.
Don’t you realize that your nothing is my everything, right now in this moment, and this moment is all I have.
Please don’t talk yourself out of trying to rescue me, because the longer you allow yourself to wait, to contemplate if you can sustain death’s weight that is beginning to overwhelm me, I will slowly pass away like a distant memory.
I beg you, please come see about me.
This poem is dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Please hold on, help is on the way. Rhonda Matthews copyright 2005.

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