Poem: Black Attack

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[Short Poem]


We are living in bad times of stress and pain

Resulting in a maze of fire and rain

All the music and the smoke and crime and grime

We really really really have lost our sense of time

We know as far as time goes back we smashed oppression with a Black attack

We very often say to sisters and brothers if it ain’t one thing it’s another

What rewards we have gained are taken away by many men of greed

What can we say

We cannot work under this fact

It’s time to get us a black attack

The solution to this problem is to do more with less

the way our forefathers did to buy us some land and lend

a helping hand to build a history

Roots told us that our strength was a positive black

Togetherness is our mode of attack

This struggle for survival will never cease

Until we find our inner peace

To go ahead and not look back in unity under a black attack

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