Post-Hurricane Sandy: A Note Of Appreciation

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[Black Star News Editorial]

When Hurricane Sandy struck some New Yorkers and New Jerseyans lost loved ones and many lost their homes and property.
Our sympathies and prayers go out to our fellow New Yorkers and New Jerseyans and others affected in neighboring regions.  
Many office buildings in Manhattan especially in the downtown area were also adversely impacted including our own in the Bowling Green area on Broadway. With minimal power and no Internet connection or phone system, The Black Star News was not able to function properly for the past three weeks.
Even though The Black Star News has been inconvenienced our predicament is nowhere close to the several thousands New Yorkers who lost loved ones or were rendered homeless by Hurricane Sandy and  those still living in homes without electricity or heat including victims in low income communities in housing developments.
Always count your blessings and know that nothing is guaranteed or should ever be taken for granted. On Saturday November 17 many of our Black Star News readers and supporters showed up to show some love for the publication at a Post-Hurricane Sandy emergency fundraising event at The Shrine in Harlem, on 134 Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.  There were testimonials by several Black Star News readers and several people whose stories of injustice were covered by the newspaper over the year.

We appreciate all the support and donations at the event and the musical performance by the phenomenal songstress Azania  with Wil Galison   master of the Harmonica, joined by Dave Davies, a former Stevie Wonder drummer on the stage.    
Supporters of the newspaper who couldn't make our event on Saturday can still send any donations or support in the form of subscriptions to our newspaper.
Subscriptions to The Black Star News are as follows:
One Year subscriptions (52 issues): $50
Six Month subscriptions (26 issues): $26
Please make subscription checks payable to The Black Star News Co.,
32 Broadway, Suite 511, New York, N.Y., 10004
Feel free to contact us at (212) 481-7745 or

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