Preach Community, Not Hate

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[Race Matters: Commentary]

I am white, raised in high school the year of integration of our school.

My best friend was Black. In the 53 years I have lived I was not taught to hate anyone. We never had slaves; just us kids. 

I have a story and a statement. We-which did not bother me-were not allowed to discriminate or refuse Blacks entrance to school, clubs, restaurants, etc. Everyone seemed to get along. Blacks excelled in education, if they wanted too.

I mean the opportunity was there, but they needed to want to. My friend and I attended college together. I lost contact after she moved. I am successful, not by education but because I have fought for everything I have since I am a woman.

With two nickels in my pocket I started a business. I teach children not to be prejudiced. I teach young ones confidence, self esteem and God’s word. Black friends in the past said like me, slavery was terrible, but had we sent the slaves back to Africa when we changed where would they be today? 

As told by my new Black friends the Blacks now have all Black clubs, Miss Black America, Black this and that. The actual African American citizens are appalled that the USA Blacks do not really understand the poverty of Africa and white people are also born and raised there. Most of all we feel Jesse Jackson does not want us to get along it pays him a lot of money to keep us apart.

I am ashamed to teach that we should love all when asked why the Black leaders come to the rescue of convicted kids who have committed crimes yet when the Lacrosse incident happened and a Black girl lied and ruined those white boys’ lives Jesse  wanted to send her to college. What is up with that?

Please help us to change the way we think and quit using our children as pawns for discrimination.

Publisher’s Comment:

There appears to be a failure to communicate. We can’t all just “get along,” when one group had accumulated resources exclusively for its own use for centuries and they said “let’s wipe the slates clean” without any redress or compensation for centuries of pillage. It only works like that in fairy tales. Moreover, the poverty of Africa is explained only partially by corrupt leadership there, but substantially, again, I hate to have to remind you, plunder of human and material resources.

Simpler example: It’s like telling people in New Orleans, the hurricane is over now, start rebuilding on your own and let’s all get along. As for the Lacrosse incident, it's interesting that you say "Black leaders come to the rescue of convicted kids who have committed crimes..." What exactly do you mean? Perhaps that because Bell reportedly had a prior incident it means that all the boys were "convicted" of "crimes"? I don't follow that logic. Do you also recall that one of the defendants in the Duke case has been involved in a prior incident in DC? Using your logic....well I will let you complete the thought. 

In reference to starting your succesful business; that’s admirable. Yet, if you could effectively dye your skin Black, and alter your hair, and then give it another try, the experience might not be that rosy.

And finally, who are the “actual American citizens”? I thought you grew up with Black "friends" and was taught not to discriminate? This is the more reason why we need a frank national discussion on race matters in this country.


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