President Bush's Israel Tirade: Beyond Exceedingly Foolish

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[Elections 2008: A President In Free Fall]


When President George Bush disclosed recently that he’s stopped playing golf in order to show his solidarity with American troops in Iraq’s war zones, we feared that the president had lost his bearings.

The Bush Administration sent the nation to war, based on a great lie. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. More than 4,000 American troops have now perished in an unnecessary war. The world is not any safer just because the U.S. invaded Iraq and executed Saddam Hussein. In fact, adherents to terrorism increased in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, as a result of the Bush Administration’s war.

More than one million Iraqis have died, most of them civilians, some reports indicate. Iraq has been ruined by war, bombardments, and displacement of millions of civilians.

Meanwhile, the American economy downslides from the cost of the war, which some economists now say may exceed $3 trillion at the end.

What solution does President Bush offer? Abstaining from playing golf.

Not even a 10-year-old boy could be so clueless.

We always had our serious suspicions about this president. Today the president, while in Israel, vindicated our worst fears with his remarks suggesting that one of the presidential candidates is an appeaser; in the same mold as those that allowed Adolph Hitler to swallow up Europe and cause millions of deaths.

Bush proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was never qualified to be president and that he is insufficiently intelligent. How can a U.S. president go to a foreign country and attack the national security credentials of one of the individuals --presumably he meant Senator Barack Obama-- who will replace him?

Bush made his assertions because Obama has said that he would be willing to engage the presidents of Iran and Syria in diplomacy, to resolve the Iraq war and other Middle East crises.

The hypocrisy is beyond belief. This is the same Administration that recently negotiated with Iran to help resolve the fighting in Sadr City in Iraq; this is the same Administration that has negotiated with Libya’s Muammar Quadaffi, to normalize relations; and, it’s the same U.S. government that's now negotiating with N. Korea to get it to dismantle its uranium enrichment programs; and, it's also talking with Iran to get it to dismantle its own nuclear energy program.

Also, given the kind of world we live in, should the United States endure a future attack, all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, would have to rally together to effectively defend the country.

So how could a sitting US president, on foreign soil, even suggest that one of the presidential candidates is comparable to the politicians who appeased Hitler? What message is he sending to America's potential foes?


This is exceedingly embarrassing and beyond belief. All Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, must renounce Bush’s incredibly foolish statement.

Bush's advisors must muzzle him in as much as possible. Thankfully, the nightmare of Bush’s presidency ends next January.





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