President Obama Fight For Your Supporters

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[Open Letter To President Obama]

It was with great pride that I and millions of other Americans witnessed your historical ascension to the most powerful governmental seat in the free world. Your election sent a powerful message, especially to young children of African descent, that with discipline, education, self-respect and perseverance, nothing is out of bounds.

The country’s economy was dangling precariously on the precipice of collapse when you took office, but you brought back some semblance of sanity to financial management, and another Great Depression was staved off. You gave hope to groups of people that their needs for adequate health care would be met, a future where our environment would be preserved for future generations, that the wealthy would carry a fair share of the income tax burden, that our homes would not be taken by unscrupulous, greedy lenders and lastly, end the war in Iraq. These were indeed ambitious goals.

However, not all of goals have been achieved, and the ones which have are watered down so much that they are no longer recognizable. I realize that bipartisanship was also one of your campaign promises, and I have seen you compromise on the health care reform bill which is of primary importance to many of your supporters. In its present version, there is no public option. The insurance companies are still allowed to set the cost of coverage, and for the low income and persons with pre-existing conditions, this population is still left out in the cold - if I’m understanding the present healthreform bill correctly.

David R. Jones, president and CEO of the Community Service Society and columnist of "The Urban Agenda" for the New York Amsterdam News, reported on a bill introduced by Congressman Jerrold Nadler (H.R. 2497), entitled the Transportation Job Corps Act, which would create a career-ladder grant program within the Federal Transit Administration to help existing workers retain jobs in the public transportation industry and prepare young people for jobs in the transportation industry. A transportation corps would also lay the foundation for many disadvantaged inner-city youth to secure permanent employment.

Additionally, Congressman Charles Rangel amended the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) to include low-skill youth, aged 16 through 24, who have been out of work and school for the past six months and lack sufficient basic skills for employment. This was made part of the 2009 Stimulus package, but must be authorized by the next Congress.

New York Governor Elect Andrew Cuomo has threatened large scale state employee lay-offs, while the African-American and Latino male rate of unemployment is at a record level. The Federal government is the only public institution able to assist in this crisis. The programs outlined herein could serve as an example for the entire nation, especially to our inner-city population and I urge you to do your best to secure their passage.

I was extremely proud when I heard a reporter ask you about your decreasing possibilities for reelection to a second term. Here I’m paraphrasing your reply, "I’m concerned with fulfilling the promises I made for the term I have been elected to serve." This clearly reflects your high degree of uncompromising integrity. I would love to see more of this "in your face boldness".

So in conclusion I would like to see you use your legislative power to "veto" any attempts to repel the already watered down version of the health care bill and other pending legislation which would benefit your core supporters who were largely responsible for putting you in office.

Our voices may be small, but our numbers are many, despite what the popular media may be reporting. Stand firm and strong. We are here to support you for this presidency or the next. But please stop trying to appease these anti-Obamanics and listen for our small, but many, voices of support for you and your policies.

May God watch over you, your family and our nation.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."


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