President Obama? It’s Real As McCain Fizzles

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[Election 2008: On The Spot]

When the polls opened this morning at 6 A.M. to find hundreds of potential voters already waiting on line, as if it was a concert. 

Where I normally vote in Queens, I am usually with ten other people getting ready to vote. At 6:10 A.M. today, I was the 124th person waiting to vote. Thank you for energizing the electorate George W. Bush. 

There was such a good feeling of camaraderie and anticipation of better things to come. I proudly cast my vote to save America, and in my book I can now call him – President elect Barack Obama.

The only poll I pay attention to will close at 9 P.M., tonight.  No matter how people are voting today, a lot of people are pumped up and many are just plain tired of the everyday struggle with no end in sight.  The people on Main Street do not want four more years of the same.

We witnessed in the 2000 and 2004 elections how easy it was for the powers that be to tamper with the election and bamboozle the voters. We witnessed the direction the powers that be took this nation and created their own self-serving war. This time we have an answer for the powers that be – don’t try it!  Don’t tamper with the votes this time.

Millions of new voters have registered to vote in this 2008 presidential election because they feel they have something to vote for.  They feel that their life depends on this election today – and it does.  It’s a “no brainer” to want change after the last eight years of living in hell and fear.

In many states across this country, millions have already began to stand strong in the past few days to put a president in the White House whose policies are a direct contrast to the eight years of George W. Bush. People who are not afraid of looking, “truth,” in the face – already know we need change along with a lot of prayer because the next four years will be a long road.

You have to stop and take a good look at people who talk about putting, “Country first,” what happened to putting God first? There are racist people in all the political parties: the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Independent Party.  Today’s election is not going to stop racism; however, at the end of the day, we are going to witness a larger number of people who do not share the same hate toward ones race.

It all began at the Iowa primary where the voters there sent a very clear message—it led to the nomination of Senator Barack Obama as presidential hopeful.  The mainstream media failed to mention the drive of the millions of progressive White voters who cast their vote for change, which set the tone for the rest of the nation.
How did McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” derail?

Former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani was the Republican Party’s top runner and hopeful. He fell from grace after his hand-picked Police Commissioner Bernard Bailey Kerik, was indicted on 16 criminal counts in federal court in November 2007 and exposed for the bandit that he was.  Bush had failed to properly vet Kerik before he tapped him to become the Homeland Security Chief, relying on Giuliani. 

Senator McCain did not win the primary, Giuliani lost it. McCain was all but packed, out of money, and ready to go home until the Republican Party decided to make him their front runner – then Giuliani’s supporters now became McCain’s supporters, which is why Giuliani still plays a controlling role in McCain’s doomed camp. 

Emulating the spectacular failure by Bush to vet Kerik, McCain went 10 steps better, by nominating Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Could it be that Giuliani, who sold Bush on the criminal Kerik, also played a role in the Palin selection? Just as Kerik’s crooked past was ignored, Palin’s alleged corruption, which was under investigation in her own state, was sidelined along with her serious family problems.

As mayor of New York, Giuliani racially divided the city in every way and refused to meet with Black elected officials.  McCain and Palin’s rallies were pumped with so much fear, division and racism that a White female campaign worker felt it was her duty to report an assault on her by a 6’ 4” Black man who carved a  backward “B” on her face; turns out it was all fiction. McCain and Palin, both desperate and preying on base instincts, called the demented woman’s family to offer words of sympathy.
At that point I knew the McCain-Palin ticket was toast. A McCain White House would take us to the bad old days; very old days.

Let’s make sure Obama and Biden are sworn in on January 20, 2009.

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