Problem Is Corporate Greed

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What we are witnessing now is the beginning of state-sanctioned racism and xenophobia that must be stopped by the few sensible people left in this country.

Who knows who will be next on their target? Could it be second generation Americans because they still have ties to the old country? Or could it be Americans of mixed-heritage, because they just can’t be trusted?

American citizens should redirect their frustration away from immigrants and more towards big corporations that pay their executives upward of $20 million per year not including their regular salaries and benefits. Why can’t one man survive on just $1 million per year and use the other $19 million to employee thousands of people at a living wage rate with health benefits?

How does Lou Dobbs justify his multi million dollar salary? What does he produce that adds economic value to the GDP of this country?  What exactly does he do to earn that kind of money? Lou Dobbs is simply spewing nonsense scripted by his producers; he does not even own the nonsense he spits out on a daily basis.

I wonder how many people in CNN foreign bureaus are underpaid for doing the same job as their American counter-parts? Maybe Lou Dobbs should look into that before he is replaced by a foreign talking head.

Is that work worth millions of dollars per year? People like Lou Dobbs should spend a week working in a bean field or an orange grove in Florida and lets see if they will come back singing the same nonsense.

In my opinion, anyone -even a Mexican- can make outrageous comments if they are provided with a microphone, an audience of millions and the backing of a multi-billion dollar media conglomerate such as CNN or FOX. Let’s not kid ourselves; the problem of this country is not immigrants, legal or illegal. The problem is corporate greed!

Mr. Lapaju is an African settler in the US

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