Publisher’s Commentary: How Obama Will Beat McCain

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This is how Senator Barack Obama will defeat Senator John McCain—by sticking to the issues and getting his message across through national and regional advertisements in the contestable states.

Obama has the upper hand on all the issues, whether domestic or foreign policy issues.

The economy has tanked and the stats will continue to deteriorate on the jobs market. Job losses over the past few months have exceeded half a million; the ever-increasing deficit is projected at over $500 billion; the Iraq war continues to suck out $10 billion a month from the U.S. treasury even as many families struggle to meet the gas and heating bills and bring food to the table –and, ironically, Iraq itself builds a surplus fund of $100 billion— home foreclosures continues to escalate nationwide, and many bank failures are predicted.

Obama has a comprehensive economic recovery program. He’s only outlined some measures such as: his plan to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs rebuilding our collapsing bridges and tunnels; creating new jobs with “green”-oriented industries; providing tax incentives for U.S. companies that keep jobs at home; offering tax relief for middle-class and working families, ranging in $500 to $1,000 of more money in their accounts; and, rolling back the Bush tax cuts to those that make more than 250,000.

More job-creating programs will be outlined in Obama’s book, which will hit newsstands in the next few weeks.

On foreign policy issues, Obama again prevails hands down over McCain; all of Obama’s predictions, based on his wisdom, have now been realized.

With respect to Iraq, Obama’s plan to responsibly withdraw U.S. troops within 16 months of taking office has now been publicly endorsed –to McCain’s embarrassment—by Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki; the Bush White House has also okayed a time “horizon” consistently with Maliki’s, as opposed to McCain’s 100 years in solitude approach.

With respect to Afghanistan, today’s report in The New York Times of the escalating conflict by the resurgent Taliban –with the killing of 10 French elite commandos and a daring attack on fortified barracks— makes it clear that after the 9/11 attack it was a terrible blunder to disproportionately concentrate U.S. financial and military resources on Iraq. By focusing exclusively on Iraq, the Bush/McCain strategy squandered the opportunity to corner Osama bin Laden and allowed the Taliban years of breathing space to rebuild.

Until recently, when it became evidently clear that Obama was right, with respect to Afghanistan, McCain had insisted for months that there was no need to send more troops to Afghanistan. Obama had already called for 15,000 more U.S. troops there, to avert disaster and the collapse of the U.S.-installed regime of Karzai. Now, maybe it will take 20,000-plus U.S. troops.

The surge should have been in Afghanistan, not Iraq. Sometimes, smarts does trump decades of experience.

All along, Obama also said the U.S. policy towards nuclear-armed Pakistan was fatally flawed. It was predicated on supporting a tyrant; General Pervez Musharaff. With the sudden collapse of Musharaff’s hold on power, Pakistan likely will sink into chaotic politics, allowing Taliban to grow its influence there as well.

Moreover, the bickering civilians who control Pakistan’s parliament, may invite another military takeover; both the military and the civilians haven’t shown much stomach for war with Taliban. The Bush/McCain strategy, at the end of the day, may have made the world more unstable. Can you imagine if Taliban were to gain control in both Afghanistan and Pakistan?

How will Obama get these important messages out?

Tune in tomorrow for my predictions.


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