Publisher’s Commentary; OBAMA PICK CLINTON FOR VP

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[Election 2008]

There’s only one way to check the white tribalism that could allow Senator John McCain to steal the election by default.

Senator Barack Obama should pick Senator Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate.

She is not the best candidate for the VP spot;  but she is the best candidate to help the Democratic Party win the elections against the Republicans and Senator John McCain.

Senator Obama already has determined who his VP running mate is; the fact that he hasn't announced it means that there’s a possibility it could be Senator Clinton.

Clinton is a polarizing politician who, at first assessment, she represents the antithesis of the type of transcending politics that Obama hoped to bring to Washington.

Beginning last year and through the Spring, Obama inspired so much hope with his message of change and unity, attracting millions of new voters, including young voters into the electoral roll in the process.

Obama used the Internet to raise millions of dollars, shocking the establishment candidate Clinton, and staying competitive.

Clinton, seeing the nomination slip away, resorted to a tactic that has always worked, but which had primarily been used by Republicans; an appeal to white tribal instincts, fears, and even misguided hostility.

Clinton declared, explicitly, that her primary backers, who remained loyal and would never back Obama, were "white voters," "hard working white Americans."

It worked. The white tribesmen came out in droves and slowed down Obama's lightning run--he barely crept by the finish line. His message of hope and change became faint once Clinton introduced explicit tribalism.

Obama is now the candidate of the Democratic party. But the tribal feelings unleashed by Clinton linger.

Polls show that only 70% of Clinton supporters say they will back Obama.

The tribalism unleashed by Clinton has allowed McCain to remain competitive by adopting the Clinton strategy. Rather than have these white voters tip the scale in McCain's favor, better to have them vote for Obama and Clinton.

Those of us wedded on pristine principles must hold our nose and welcome Clinton back home.

As Obama's VP running mate. She will lure the white tribesmen away from McCain.

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