Publisher's Commentary: Obama Nation; Jerome Corsi's Lumps Of Excreta Masquerading As Book

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Warning! Please Don’t Waste Your $30 On “Obama Nation.” Read it in a bookstore.

I’m not surprised that Simon & Schuster published Jerome Corsi’s “Obama Nation,” an alleged book that can more accurately be described as tall tales mixed with excreta then bound between two hard covers.

Simon & Schuster gets some publicity, Corsi gains more fame and notoriety, and in the process some white folks are scared into not voting for Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama.

Four years ago, this same Corsi together with John O'Neill wrote "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry," and accused John Kerry of fabricating incidents of bravery in the Vietnam War.

I read the book yesterday with a colleague here at The Black Star. I expected it to be a very shoddy hit job against the Senator. I wasn’t surprised; what caught me off guard was how bad of a hit job the book really is.

And there’s no question that it is a hit job—it was “edited” (I write “edited” because, how really does one “edit” excreta?) by Mary Matalin, the most partisan of partisan Republicans. Simon & Schuster didn’t even pretend that it wasn’t publishing a hit job by inviting an Obama partisan to write a counterbalancing book, say, “McCain Nation.” There’s certainly more than enough about McCain’s sordid past to warrant several volumes—his hard drinking and womanizing; his abandonment of his first wife when she was sick and taking up with his then much younger and much, much richer current one; and, his raging temper that possibly makes him unfit for leadership.

But we’re getting away from Corsi.

Corsi’s main argument is that Obama cannot be trusted because one can dig up a series of lies from his past; and, also, Obama comes from a family of drunkards and polygamists and people who abandon wives.

Let’s examine some of the “lies” that Corsi “exposed.”

Obama “lied” that it took him only six months to learn the Indonesian language and culture – he lived there as a boy after his mother remarried. But, Corsi writes, and I kid you not, Obama’s first grade teacher contradicts this claim. In fact, it took Obama more than six months to learn the Indonesian language and culture.

How did this insightful expose survive “editing”?

Well there you have it. We now have a better understanding of what kind of demented minds Obama has to deal with in his quest for the White House.

Here’s another “lie” that Corsi was able to establish. Obama has consistently spun the tale that his father died in a “car accident.” Well, according to Jerome “Sherlock Holmes” Corsi, Obama’s father did not just die in a car accident; he died in a car accident while driving drunk. Obama hid this information from the American public and is therefore not fit to be president—his father was a drunkard.

I don’t know Corsi and I know nothing about his family; I’m willing to bet that there are all sort of drunks –and people that have done worse things than drinking—in his family and in the families of every president that we have had in the United States.
But there’s more.

Obama’s father was a bigamist—he never told Obama’s mother that he had left a wife with a child in Kenya when he came to the United States as a student and married her. Yet, Obama made it appear as if his parents had been in love when in fact Obama senior had been a conniving bigamist, Corsi explains.

Moreover, in his book, “Dreams From My Father; A Story of Race and Inheritance,” Obama wrote that his father left him and his mother because when he went to Harvard, it was only on a partial scholarship and he could not have afforded to take the entire family.

Yet, 100 pages later, in Obama’s same book, Corsi writes, Obama recounts how he had later discovered from his mother that in addition to Harvard, Obama senior had actually won a full scholarship to the New School University. Obama senior could have afforded to take the entire family with him, but his selfish desire to attend Harvard led him to abandon the family, for good.

Mind you, Obama is the one who makes this revelation about the painful discovery in his own book. It's not enough for Corsi, who says this is another example of Obama’s deceit; why did he make this revelation 100 pages later. What if some readers missed it?

Those who believe that I’m spinning an incredible tale, I invite you all to NOT BUY the book – it’s not worth the $30 or so—but go and read it at your nearest Barnes & Noble. No one can spin a greater tale than Corsi, Matalin, and Simon & Schuster; the publishing house has severely damaged its reputation.

Corsi also claims that Obama is hiding his true connection to Islam and should face more questioning. Why? Because even though Obama may not be lying when he says he never attended a “madrassa” for Islamic schooling, it does not mean that he never received Islamic instruction.

And to think that all along some of us were so naïve as to think that maybe we would all be better off if we all knew a little bit about what Islam is all about.

But what’s clear in the “book” is that Corsi believes the strongest tie he was able to make is linking Obama to terrorism, separatism, radicalism, and anti-white sentiments, by tying the Senator to Malcolm X.

Yes, Malcolm X.

How does Corsi accomplish this feat of genius?

Obama was a member of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, which preached Black Liberation Theology.

According to Corsi, apparently a new expert on Black theology, Black Liberation Theology preaches that Jesus was not white but was actually Black. And the founders of Black Liberation Theology were Malcolm X; Stokely Carmichael; and Frantz Fanon.

I almost choked with laughter as I read this “book” published by Simon & Schuster and "edited" by Matalin.

Corsi writes that Malcolm X once said: “I am not standing here speaking to you as an American or a Patriot, or a flag saluter, or a flag-waver—no, not I! I’m speaking as a victim. I don’t see an American dream; I see an American nightmare!”

This same Malcolm X went on to found Black Liberation Theology –maybe some one forgot to tell Corsi, and Matalin, and Simon and Schuster that Malcolm belonged to the Nation of Islam— which Reverend Wright embraced. But then again, all these Black folk are the same anyway.

And since Obama was a member of Reverend Wright’s church for all those years, it means that, using Corsi’s warped logic, Obama too is a separatist and not Patriotic and not a flag-waver, like Malcolm, the supposed founder of Black Liberation Theology. And, Corsi also adds, even though Obama quit Trinity Church, he has failed to denounce the church for preaching Black Liberation Theology.

Moreover, there’s no difference between “Black Muslims” and Christians that attend Reverend Wright’s church, Corsi, the expert explains, on page 181 of his contemporary classic: “Black Muslims are as radically anti-American as the followers of Black Liberation Theology, sharing many ideas, principles and phrases. Reading quotations from Malcolm X and Reverend Wright without being told who is the author of each, we might have difficulty telling them apart….”

Here it’s clear who the “we” Corsi refers to is; himself and other uninformed people out there. Hopefully, there are not as many as he presumes that shares that assessment or will be persuaded by his expertise.

A more sordid and more laughable tale could not have been packed together; excreta masquerading as fact. And to think that this crap earned front page coverage in The New York Times; that newspaper doesn’t surprise me anymore with its unhidden agenda.

Moreover, Corsi tells us, Obama’s motives are very suspect. He was the president of The Harvard Law Review and could have written his own ticket. He could have clerked for one of the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court or he could have been hired by a top law firm and made millions of dollars.

Instead, he chose to go back to Chicago and take a job with a small law firm and continue community work; this was, according to Corsi, because he wanted to radicalize people in the inner city about the need for “wealth” redistribution.

Again, I apologize to readers who believe I am making this up and invite you to head to your nearest Barnes & Noble.

Of course any anti-Obama book wouldn’t be complete without discussing Tony Rezko, the now convicted developer. The author and his backers can't find anything damaging about Obama so they sink further into absurdity.

On page 155, Corsi lets readers know that “Tony” Rezko is actually not an Italian name, even though it sounds like one. No; he is a Syrian! Corsi wants people to know that Rezko has a Middle East connection. Corsi also discloses that millions of dollars in money for development that went to Rezko remain unaccounted for; as if Obama has anything to do with that.

Yet the best part is when this author's mad theory tries to tie Barack Obama somehow to Saddam Hussein. Corsi discloses that in 2005, a billionaire businessman who lives in London, and who happens to be Saddam Hussein’s cousin, wired $3.5 billion to Rezko.

And since Rezko had dealings with Obama, well might there not be some connection between Obama and Saddam Hussein? You get the picture. Maybe Corsi wants us to believe that Obama may be hiding Saddam's elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction somewhere in his Chicago mansion.

At one point in the book, Corsi writes: “None of us can look into his heart and read his soul. The best evidence we have to judge by is first, the record of what Obama has done, and second, what he has said about what he has done.”

Alas Corsi did not heed his own advice. Otherwise he would not have written this “book.”

And bassed on his own writing, I for one can look into Corsi's evil heart and read his wretched soul.... 


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