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Despite one very important missing component, Pursuit of Happyness is emotionally gripping and kept me at the edge of my seat the whole two hours. Will Smith was phenomenal and his seven-year old son, Jaden Smith, displayed more than just a few glimpses of greatness that could actually exceed his father’s tremendous acting ability.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air most assuredly gave America a heart thumping. I mean I cried at the triumph of such a trying situation, yet I couldn’t help but to compare this movie with the Nicolas Cage movie, “The Weather Man�. Both men had to overcome a failed marriage and figure out what to do with the child(ren) of such a failed union. Of course, both women in these movies were frustrated, selfish, and mean-spirited. Except the White women in The Weather Man is converted before the end of the movie by getting remarried. You see, the writer gave important attention to NOT leave a negative impression of White women. This White woman is shown being the perfect happy mother and wife in her new marriage within the last two minutes of the movie. Therefore leaving the White woman’s image justified and redeemed.

The much needed missing component in the Pursuit of Happyness is the Black woman is just left out there being a selfish, mean-spirited, abandoning bitch who never redeems herself nor does Chris Gardner played by Will Smith ever find another lover. I mean with all the tear jerking, heart winching father and son trial and tribulations, and encouragement to succeed despite the obstacles message, why the hell didn’t the writer have a Black man and a Black women walk off into the sunset together as one? Instead Will Smith walks off into the Sunset a single man and a single father, and crosses paths with the real Chris Gardner, who makes a cameo in the movie.

It’s becoming quite clear, Hollywood wants to give Black people only half the pieces of the puzzle. Why? Is it offensive to non-Black people to see Black people in love with another other? I mean there aren’t many or any movies that really have a happily ever after Black couple message.

Now, some of you might be thinking, chill Pearl Jr., this is a true story. Sorry no, it clearly states this is “based on a true story�, which means that some of it is true and some of it is made up. Chris could have feel in love with a Black woman that he met at a local restaurant or on the bus. But you see the trick bag is to never tell the majority of Black people that marriage or solid long-lasting relationships holds the keys to the castle towards upward mobility and racial equality. Omitting the presence of such a valuable union in the Black race is today’s sophisticated method of keeping the Black race down and beneath the White population, i.e., racism.

Just pay attention in nearly every movie, White women have the greatest PR of being so precious that to make her unhappy is worse than death and the Black women is some type of mean, unreasonable, attitude-having, selfish bitch who is the ONLY woman who requires just too much from a man.

In today’s Hollywood, White people simply have no financial problems and everything is normal with that. The White woman in The Weather Man has a big two-story house, just because, and the Black woman in Pursuit of Happyness has nothing, works all the time, and is just too impatient to give a brotha a chance to succeed. You see, the Black woman is under attack and this is just one more sly way to diminish the lovability of the Black woman. Controversial leader, Louis Farrakhan talks about getting something positive in the hands of Blacks but at the same time taking some of it away with the other hand. That’s what The Pursuit of Happyness and nearly every Black movie does.

Movies are seen by millions of people and shape ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets. Therefore, Blacks should be especially aware of the brainwashing that is set forth by members of the media that just don’t want Blacks to ever get it 100 percent right.

As nearly 10 million people watched the Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Will Smith and the real Chris Gardner, I wondered if Oprah noticed the missing love of Black women in the movie because on her show, she surprised Chris Gardner with a Black woman that he helped financially to finish college and also his words of encouragement contributed to making her a successful Black woman, wife, and mother. Was Oprah making a point? I’d like to think so, because sistahs need to catch a break in the PR department sometimes?

Folks don’t ever be naïve to think that these movies just write themselves. They are written, rewritten and reviewed thousands of times; everything in every movie is premeditated. So we have to complain even in the light of greatness to be even greater because giving off half messages of life and hope is still not all that is needed to enhance the Black race as a whole. I WANT TO SEE ALL THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE! A COMPLETE BLACK LOVE STORY! A COMPLETE HAPPYNESS! PLEASE!

Yes, Pursuit of Happyness is definitely a movie worth seeing. But listen Hollywood, can we please have a Black couple walk off into the proverbial sunset of their bright futures as a Black man and a Black woman completing their lives together?

I’m anxiously waiting to see the movie, Dreamgirls. I have a feeling during these misogynistic Black women times; Black women are portrayed as evil, sex is all I need bitches in that movie too! I wonder if we get dawgged by our men because we are simply too demanding, loud, and unreasonable AGAIN! I certainly do hope, at least (why do we always have to accept “at least�) one Black couple in Dreamgirls walks off into the sunset together so to give the message that we, too, value one another and aim to have complete nuclear families. You know, successful fathers, nurturing mothers, and children coming from intact homes. Statistically speaking, that formula leads to success most often, overwhelming!

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