Quathafi Assassination: Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron-- Do You Know Right from Wrong?

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From a bloodless coup that deposed a monarchy to being hit, kicked, spat on, sodomized and lynched in the streets of Sirte.

What happened to this one time revolutionary so that he should leave this earth in such a vicious, brutal, degrading and disgraceful manner? Libya's deposed leader Muammar al-Quathafi was pulled out alive from a water drainage pipe under a motorway in Sirte, the city of his birthplace, where he had been hiding with a small group of bodyguards.

There is no question that Quathafi overstayed in power and ruled with an iron fist. Quathafi treated Libya like his personal property rather than a "Jamahiriya" government --a term he coined, where power belongs to the men and women of Libya-- and exercised absolute control. Any opposition was swiftly and effectively neutralized. Unfortunately, this conduct overshadowed his many achievements.

When Quathafi became de factor leader in 1969 following the bloodless coup that deposed King Idris Sanussi, the monarchy was abolished and Quathafi began a process of directing funds towards providing education, healthcare and housing for all--services that he considered a basic human right of the Libyan people. Only 25% of the Libyan population was literate pre-1969 compared to 85% during Quathafi’s reign.

By no means, am I idolizing Quathafi but there is no denying the tragic manner in which his life was ended and his injured and bloodied body dragged across the street with the "rebels" and Libyan populace corpse-stomping. It is reported that Quathafi’s regime tortured and murdered its citizenry; as such, he was a criminal worthy of a day in a Libyan Court of Law or the International Court in the Hague. Why allow him to be killed in the streets like a stray dog or does the NTC have no control over these murderous so-called "freedom fighters"? Was there no briefing as to procedure in the event of the capture of Quathafi?

Why did NATO, operating on a No Fly Zone feel the need to attack a moving convoy posing no threat to anybody and then claim that they did not know that Quathafi was in that convoy? Quathafi is dead because he was an irritating obstacle to the United States and the West. He was simply unafraid. The U.S., France and Britain wanted Libya’s immense wealth of natural resources but they could not outright invade and publicly rape Libya; they needed a believable lie to disseminate to the public.

It became very clear to the public that the No Fly Zone, was just that, a lie as Nato, emboldened, bombarded Libya day and night, killed, maimed and separated families and destroyed a once beautiful country. This unfortunate saga serves only to satisfy the U.S. and the West’s insatiable greed for oil under the pretext of bringing democracy to the Libyan people.

President Barack Obama, President Nicholas Sarkozy and Prime minister David Cameron wanted Quathafi dead even more than the percentage of the Libyan populace that yearned for his demise. This was a political assassination.  Love or loathe him, when captured, Quathafi became a prisoner. This was an execution of a prisoner of war in contravention of the Geneva Convention.

I marvel at the hypocrisy and audacity of the trio, Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron, now calling for an investigation into how Quathafi died. What does it matter how he died? Were they not the same trio who declared that they wanted Quathafi "to go" and to "go for good"?

The final bloody moments of Quathafi's life are still shrouded in confusion. The post mortem revealed that he died of gunshot to the head; but who fired the fatal shot that actually killed him? The U.S. and Western powers knew that they would never be able to control Quathafi and therefore never be able to control the immense riches of Libya and so they needed a stooge.

Consider the consistency of the history. These same powers at some point turned on their one time "friends", dictators like Saddam Hussein and Mobutu Sese Seku? In pro-Western "democratic" countries like Uganda and Rwanda, elections are simply rigged in favor of the stooge, and international observers and corrupt media outlets proclaim the results to be free and fair thereby maintaining a status quo.

At the beginning of unrest in Libya, Quathafi warned of a protracted war. In my article for The Black Star News in February I predicted the assassination of Muammar al-Quathafi. NATO have solved nothing by their invasion of Libya and assassination of Quathafi. Has democracy been realized in Iraq by the hanging of Saddam Hussein? Blood still daily spills onto the streets of Baghdad. Blood of innocent Iraqi men, women and children.

What will follow in Libya is a "tribal" war, reprisals, anarchy and lawlessness. It will be interesting to see how the NATO-installed NTC will disarm the "rebels", civilians and army deserters of their weaponry.

There will be a fight for the control of the oil wells. Libya will rise up again, Libya will burn once again, innocent blood will be shed for many years to come. Where will the infamous trio and NATO be then? Enjoying their spoils from afar as oil flows into their blood-stained and greedy outstretched hands.

What does Quathafi’s death mean for Syria, Yemen, and Algeria? Will Uganda rise up to the malevolent Western-backed despot that is Yoweri Museveni?

Quathafi’s last words to his captors were: "Do you know right from wrong?"

Obama, Sarkozy, and Cameron, do you know right from wrong?

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

Allimadi writes for The Black Star News from London.

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