Rally Against Brutal Cops

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(Mayor Bloomberg, shown with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly--need to overhaul undercover policing tactics).

Our young people are beside themselves with grief and frustration.  Mini marches and rallies are taking place all over the city at various colleges. Young people are united for a minute and engaged in deep dialogue. They are afraid for their future and really unsure how much we care about them and will protect them besides the standard lectures.
Black men know they represent target practice for the police, as a matter of fact, who among us does not accept this as a fact? How many Black parents, guardians, elders, warn young Black men to be cool, move slowly when the police stop them?  How many articles have been written by professional Black men to tone it down in the office or the boardroom, on elevators, in the street? 

Black men cannot be assertive for one reason or another, for fear of losing a job, promotion or whatever. We as a community have scant means of economic support to offer the Black man.  In 2006, could the blame still be placed on just racism?
We have gotten used to warning our child or man everyday—do white folks warn their children or men about police brutality? Most importantly, why is this abuse still being tolerated in our community? We are known as a tolerant people. Let us review the level of tolerance that is affecting our standard of living and health. Violence within our own communities—when was the last time we had a rally on gun control or demanded that our politicians support a ban on gun control? How about gangs and the safety of our children who do not want to join? 

Which gang was roaming the streets in your neighborhood, back in the day?  What about unclean and highly priced commercial strips with unsafe food and products issued by folks who do not even live in our community?  Let us not forget the Miseducation in the public schools including pushing Black boys into special education. 

In addition, of course, the highest rate of incarceration in the nation with little or no justice in place during the criminal process. When will we unite, take a serious and permanent stand for this madness to stop?  It would be great to see a real large united front at the Rally on Wednesday Dec. 6, 4:30 p.m. at One Police Plaza in Manhattan.    
During the rallies to protest the anti-immigrants policies from Washington, New York City was shut down for a minute or two a couple of months ago.  Why wouldn't folks whose ancestors were forced to come to this country take the time to shut NYC down for a minute or two on December 6 and from that time on unite for effective and positive change in their communities?  

For more information call:  (718) 398-1766

Nettie Paisley is a Reiki master, business educator, youth advocate, holistic entrepreneur, and chairperson of the Life and Ethics Committee for the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. 

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