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[Black Star News Editorial] 

Vick messed up badly, with his involvement in cruel dog fighting a problem that’s prevalent. Tens of thousands of Americans who participate in this vicious pastime are never apprehended or punished.

Vick happened to have been caught –he bankrolled an enterprise presided over by his relatives. He was tried in the public media and pleaded guilty. He won no leniency and has served 19 months and lost a $130 million contract.

Had Vick been a toothless hockey player or a NASCAR racer he never would have been viciously maligned in media. This isn’t to say that he didn’t deserve to be punished. Certainly not 19 months: Based on the severity of the sentence no team could have honored his contract.

Vick was served his time. But PETA, an organization comprised of people, some of whom at least seem to love animals more than human beings, appear determined to ensure that Vick never resume his career as a professional football player.

People who have served time for manslaughter or for massive embezzlement have resumed careers. “Professional” athletes who are known drug abusers and right now enjoying multi-million dollar contracts.

Why is it that Vick does not deserve a second chance? Are some human beings less important than animals?
That’s what PETA seems to be suggesting and we totally reject this premise.

“Until Michael Vick undergoes the rigorous psychiatric tests now available to determine his ability to experience remorse, there's no way to establish whether he will reoffend,” PETA said in a statement on its website “Someone who trained dogs to torture and kill one another for sport, who drowned and hanged dogs who wouldn't fight, and who laughed while watching his own family dogs fight for their lives as they were maimed and finally killed does not deserve to be rewarded with a multimillion-dollar contract or be given the privilege to serve as a role model to millions of children. PETA will not take anything off the table when it comes to any team or league that may sign Michael Vick.”

Vick has served 19 months and before his incarceration had already apologized. Why is PETA setting another sentencing for Vick? Why must he be tried a second time for the same offense?

We encourage all our readers to call PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk at (757) 622-7382 and demand that the organization back off and allow Vick to resume his career with any NFL team that’s willing to sign him.

The PETA threat may actually chill some teams from pursuing Vick, in which case he should explore a lawsuit against PETA for interfering with his ability to earn a lucrative living in his profession. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also shouldn’t be intimidated by PETA: We also urge readers to also call Goodell at 212-450-2000 and demand that he reinstate Vick into the League.

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