Republican Convention Delegates Call Black CNN Reporter “Animal”

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CNN, the largest news organization in the world, is trying to tamp down news about how two Republican delegates at the Republican Convention in Tampa threw nuts at one of its camera woman, who is black, and shouted at her “This is how we feed animals.” 

The only news organization that has tried to get at the root of this disgraceful assault on a Black woman has been through Josh Marshall of the online “Talking Points Memo,” which has forced CNN to finally acknowledged that the incident did take place.  Quoting former MSNBC correspondent David Shuster’s tweet, Marshal wrote that the two delegates were ejected from the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Said Marshall, “Now, one of the more interesting things about this story is that it broke on TPM. Actually, not quite. We first saw a tweet from David Shuster. Then we got confirmation of what happened from CNN and were the first to run the story. (This morning the RNCC essentially confirmed something rotten had happened.) But you may have noticed that one of the biggest news organizations in the world --CNN-- has been remarkably tight-lipped about this.”

Finally both CNN and the Republican Party confirmed the assault through a statement, titled “RNCC Calls Incident Against Black CNN Camerawoman ‘Inexcusable And Unacceptable’, while the CNN statement read, “Two people removed from RNC after taunting black camera operator.”
Marshall theorizes that the reason for CNN inaction is because it doesn’t want to draw attention to itself as the story, especially since it is trying to tout itself as the fairest of all the cable networks.  “So it’s worth noting why that probably is. There’s a normal and correct tendency for a news outfit not to want to make itself into the story. But this goes way beyond that and puts CNN in an exquisitely awkward position. CNN has been bending over backwards of late trying to position itself as the last holy beacon of objectivity and fairness in cable news, as Fox and MSNBC play to more clearly partisan audiences. Yet they’re under almost constant assault from conservatives for alleged (and basically mythical) liberal bias”

This is nothing short of an assault, it is not an insult, being bombarded with nuts is definitely an assault, but more importantly there is nothing to indicate that these two perpetrators were handed over to the police.  The camera woman should certainly use the legal system to deplete the huge amount of money that the Republicans have amassed to tear down President Obama.

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