Republican Elites To The Poor And Middle Class: "Let Them Eat Cake"

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[Speaking Truth To Power]

Last Saturday, thousands of Americans descended into Washington to march for jobs, justice and education, as Republicans advocated continuing Bush’s tax cuts for their wealthy cronies.

Judging by recent reports, showing America’s growing economic disparity between rich and poor, it is clear we must continue to march and battle these forces promoting economic inequality.

According to the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), the latest Census figures found the gap between the rich and poor reached it widest point in America last year, since data has been collected. The JEC analysis highlights several startling facts including: (1) “Income inequality has skyrocketed” and “Economists concur that income inequality has risen dramatically over the past three decades.” (2) “Middle-class incomes stagnated under President Bush.” (3) “Income inequality may be the root cause of the Great Recession,” which started in 2007. (4) “High levels of income inequality may precipitate economic crises” because “Peaks in income inequality preceded both the Great Depression and the Great Recession, suggesting that high levels of income inequality may destabilize the economy as a whole.”

The report pointed out a substantial proportion of this rising inequality was “driven by the share of total income accrued by the richest 1 percent of households. Between 1980 and 2008, their share rose from 10.0 percent to 21.0 percent, making the United States as one of the most unequal countries in the world.” The report also found “The Bush years were especially hard on the middle class, particularly when compared to the gains seen by middle income Americans during the Clinton Administration.”

The findings show the richest 10 percent control nearly fifty percent of the nation’s income.

Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) declared “Tragically, the Bush economic legacy is greater inequality, a weakening middle class and the worst recession in more than 75 years.”

Given these awful numbers, one would think politicians would be focusing on the plight of regular Americans. Instead, Republicans—with some wimpy Democrats—are blocking President Obama’s desire to end the tax-break for the wealthy. You see, Republicans want tax breaks for billionaires and multi-millionaires, who represent two percent of the population.

These "responsible" Republicans, who lecture us on fiscal responsibility, want 700 billion in taxpayer money given to the superrich. That’s another 100 thousand dollars extra for these elites. But while Republicans are fighting for their rich friends, why aren’t they talking about the 41 million Americans now using food stamps? Why aren’t they saying anything about the 43 million Americans now classified as poor? Keep in mind, outmoded federal guidelines doesn’t consider a family of four poor making $23,000 annually poor. Imagine living on that in New York City.

Given their utter disregard for average working Americans, one would think Republicans would be trounced, again, in November. Yet, according to polls and political punditry, Democrats may well lose control of the House and Senate. How can that be? 

True, many Democrats leave much to be desired, especially when they continually bend over to appease Republicans. Unfortunately, the corruption of big money—made worse by this year’s Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United Case—along with the self-serving divisiveness of party politics obstructs the democratic will of the people.

This is why we must return to the activism we used to elect President Obama. Continued organization and mass mobilization against the forces of prejudice and economic elitism is imperative. Many forgot the American government isn’t a monarchy. We still have Republicans like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Jeff Sessions running interference in the Congress.

Moreover, while we’ve slumbered Tea Party crackpots and their phony “grassroots” movement—funded by billionaires like the Koch brothers—have been rising with their reviling racist rants about “taking the country back.” The thought of a Black man, in the White House, has these people descending off the deep end. Why else are so many deluding themselves into believing President Obama isn’t Christian or American? Perhaps, only whites are to be awarded full citizenship.

Where were these Tea Party “patriots” when Bush’s White House was destroying America, with war-for-profit schemes and the same tax-break-for-the-rich policies Republicans are now espousing? How many jobs did this policy created during Bush’s two terms? The truth is: Republicans only care about personal political goals and rich campaign donors. A March Forbes Magazine article stated, “Last year’s wealth wasteland has become a billionaire bonanza, as most of the richest people on the planet have seen their fortunes soar in the past 12 months.” How much of these tax-breaks, for millionaires and billionaires, will be rerouted into Republican campaign contributions?

The last two years, Republicans said no to everything President Obama proposed. Assisting President Obama, help America, doesn’t facilitate their agenda to reclaim power. Republicans have calculated that the rabid racism of a segment of white America—including the Republican base and Tea Party buffoons—is beneficial too their efforts at opposing President Obama. We must continue to march for jobs and justice. In November, we must teach these people another lesson.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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