Republican Imperial Rants Against President Obama

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[Comment On Republicans' Obstructionism]

The Obama Administration has not reached the month mark in office and already critics and nay-sayers are predicting its demise.

Trying to be a unifier, President Barack Obama reached out across the aisle in good faith, attempting to bring Republicans into the tent where he can get things done. He threw his stalwart opponent, Senator John McCain, a dinner and prodded him to make nice. McCain met with reporters that same week and blasted the president over his economic plan.

On the other hand, the president still reached out to Republicans and went head-to-head with Conservative pundits in their lair. Still speaking the bipartisan gospel, he appointed three Republicans to cabinet office posts but that is not enough.

The Republicans want blood. The Republicans want his head. The Republicans want President Obama to fail, even though a political failure would take the country down, financially and in political prestige. It’s a matter of sour grapes.

The Republicans do not like to lose. Winning is in their blood. They hate that they were bested by the well-oiled political machine of President Barack Obama; the "Magic Negro" as a Republican party leader preferred to characterize him.

At President Obama’s first press conference last week, he transformed himself into the more practical, sterner candidate we sometimes saw on the campaign stump. He said his Administration inherited this financial mess, this massive recession crisis. One thing that his supporters welcomed was that President Obama chided the Republicans for a failed economic policy that had cost the Republicans the election. He then vowed not to return to the old fiscal formulas that had brought on this deepening recession.

Although the much debated stimulus bill of nearly $800 billion has passed through the U.S. Congress last week, the notion of bipartisan cooperation has gone up in smoke, with the horde of howling Republicans dogging the president’s heels with every damning criticism. The tidal wave of bluster coming from the Right-wing media such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck keep not only the millions of conservatives hoping and praying that the first Black president fails and that America goes under.

In fact, Limbaugh said he hopes Obama falls flat on his face and the Republicans have taken up his message by turning their back on his economic plan. Only three Republican senators voted with the Democratic stimulus bill, but none of their compatriots in the U.S. House reached across the aisle to embrace President Obama’s fiscal mandate.

Former Bill Clinton advisor James Carville says the Republican Party is controlled by these right-wing pundits, namely Limbaugh. In saying that the Obama plan means a return to government welfare, the obstructionist Republicans are pulling for the American economy to continue its downward spiral with a stimulus concept loaded with pork and reckless spending that will bypass the needy citizens of Main Street who crave help with keeping their homes and jobs.

The country is in economic pain and suffering while the Congress runs around and around, chasing its tail. It’s a calculated strategy that the Republicans have embraced for their political future, hoping that the Obama stimulus plan would begin too slowly to make a difference for the average American. They want to win and pick up votes for the upcoming 2010 Congressional elections.

As President Obama said to reporters the other day: Republican proposals are "rooted in the idea that tax cuts alone can solve all our problems, that government doesn’t have a role to play, that half measures and tinkering are somehow enough, that we can afford to ignore our most fundamental economic challenges." And then he added, "Those ideas have been tested, and they have failed."

The American voters spoke very loudly in the November election. That is why the Republican Presidential candidate McCain got his rear kicked in the recent voting and why heaps of Republican incumbents were tossed out of political office. The Republicans need to take a grown-up approach to American politics.

Furthermore, GOP officials need to let their members join the national dialogue of healing, renewal, and recovery.

Stop the bickering, please.

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