Republican Strategy: Destroy Economy = Winning The White House

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[Black Star News Editorial]

By rejecting the senate plan to extend payroll tax relief for 160 million Americans and unemployment benefits for 2.2 million people for at least two months, House Speaker John A. Boehner and his Republican colleagues confirm the Democrats' argument that the Republican party is on the payroll of the nation's wealthiest elite.

Republicans had already rejected any proposal that would extend the relief and benefits for a year because Democrats proposed funding it by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Boehner claims he's holding out for a long term deal as well. He insists on including the oil-pipeline-from Canada in the agreement because it would create thousands of jobs. These kind of projects --oil pipelines-- don't work like instant coffee.  It would take several months before any new workers are hired.

There is really no compelling reason to deny millions of Americans benefits that they now enjoy --tax relief and unemployment benefits. These benefits should not be held hostage to the oil pipeline deal.

The pipeline deal will eventually be worked out after all the environmental impact reviews are completed.

Parting way with Republican leaders, Americans by an almost 70 percent margin support the idea that the rich should pay a little more to fund social programs and spark economic recovery. Many very wealthy people, including the billionaire Warren Buffet has endorsed this concept.

Yet Boehner and the Republican party are determined to do anything that they believe will create hurdles to Barack Obama's re-relection bid even if it means more poverty and suffering for ordinary American households.

The Republican leadership must be disappointed that the economy has been improving lately.

Unemployment statistics, rather than climbing towards 10%, dramatically plunged to 8.5% So, ironically, while many Americans celebrate the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs, Republican leaders mourn, since such good news diminish their prospects to reclaim The White House.

Some Republicans however aren't as reckless as Boehner. Republican Senator Scott Brown has called the Boehner maneuver "wrong" and distanced himself from the ploy. Brown knows that Republicans will lose big next year if they can be tagged as a party willing to destroy this country in order to defeat President Obama.

Even last week's U.S. withdrawal from Iraq after a decade of conflict was denounced by several Republican leaders, including Sen. John McCain who said the date will live in infamy and President Obama would be remembered with the "contempt" that he deserved.

This pathetic game-plan for The White House by Republicans will backfire badly.

What makes the Republican strategy even more unconscionable is the fact that most members of Congress are millionaires who also enjoy one of the nation's best tax-payer funded healthcare coverage.

They eat high on the hog and yet they condemn ordinary Americans to more financial misery.

Such lawmakers must all be voted out of office. This is the most Nauseating type of hypocrisy.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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