Romney Unleashes Unstable Sununu In Birther-Attack

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[Black Star News Editorial]

What was John Sununu smoking when he unleashed a vicious race-based attack against President Obama on behalf of Mitt Romney?

Referring to President Barack Obama and his
alleged hostility to free enterprise, Sununu observed: "He has no idea
how the American system functions" because during Obama's early years
"he was in Hawaii smoking something." 
After this low-class
personal attack, Sununu added, of Obama: "And I wish this
President would learn how to be American." Mitt Romney himself, at a
campaign appearance claimed Obama also was hostile towards free
enterprise because his attitude towards private business "is foreign." 
and Sununu were both following Rush Limbaugh's earlier tirade on his
radio show, where he had advised Romney to declare that while he was
building successful businesses, Obama was at Columbia University smoking pot and
imbibing socialist and Marxist inclinations.  
Very curios
strategy for attacking Obama, who wrote about his drug use in his own book, considering that Limbaugh is a recovering drug addict.
Limbaugh had long declared in December 2008, soon after Obama's victory,
before he had been sworn in: "I hope this President fails." 
Limbaugh runs the Republican party, so Romney and Sununu obeyed his command and went all out resorting
to a not-so-subtle version of the Obama-is-Kenyan slur, also promoted by
Donald Trump. President Obama's father was Kenyan. 
Why is
Romney so desperate? It's only July and there's a long march to
November. Romney has been shaken by questions about his reluctance to
release his tax returns beyond the two years he's already done. Why else
would he unleash an unstable man --judging by his preposterous personal
attacks on Obama-- like Sununu on national television? 
was hoping that the "Kenyan" card would divert attention away from the
corner he's boxed himself into over Bain Capital and his tax returns. On
Bain, Romney hasn't been able to deflect attacks from the Obama
campaign that his firm advised companies that laid off workers or
shipped jobs overseas while he and his partners made tens of millions
His patriotism has also been questioned by the
revelations that he parked some of his wealth in Swiss accounts, in the
Cayman Islands, and in Bermuda. 
And Romney's biggest and
most crippling challenge so far has been his reluctance to disclose tax
returns beyond the two years he has committed to. His own father, George
Romney, who once tried to run for the Republican Presidential
nomination in the 1960s, had released 12 years worth of tax returns. 
the loudest demands for Romney to provide more figures comes from
Republicans, including columnist George Will, and his earlier opponents
for the nomination, Rick Perry and Ron Paul. During the primaries Newt
Gingrich had also demanded that Romney disclose anything in his returns
that could cause Republicans to lose to Obama. The National Review,
considered to be the bible of some conservatives, has also demanded in a
commentary that Romney follow his father's example. 
Now surveys show that 56% of all voters, and 61% of independent voters, who are the most critical block, want Romney to provide 12 years of returns. 
Romney could be convinced to believe that Rush Limbaugh's Obama-is-a-Kenyan-pot head strategy could actually deflect attention away from questions about Bain
Capital and his tax returns and eventually win the White House speaks volumes about Romney's own political
intelligence, or lack thereof. 
And, ironically, with his angry
drunkard-like tirade, Sununu may have unwittingly invited scrutiny into
his own background. Some die-hard Tea Party supporters may not be
Consider Sununu's own pedigree:  He is of
Palestinian and Greek ancestry and was born in Havana, Cuba. His
father's name was John Saleh Sununu. He is a naturalized American.
Obama, the alleged "Kenyan," was actually born, not overseas, but in
Hawaii, USA. 
Evidently Sununu never heard the saying: Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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