Rush Limbaugh Is Anti-America

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Rush Limbaugh Is Anti-America. It's very fitting that loud-mouth Rush Limbaugh has now become the chief spokesman for the Republican Party. Republican members of the House all voted against President Barack Obama's $819 billion stimulus package, just as Limbaugh advised them to. They ignored Obama's caution that they not be hypnotized by Limbaugh.

This is the same Limbaugh, whose unholy compensation is denying tens of thousands of Americans paychecks in an era of massive layoffs. This week alone almost 100,000 jobs disappeared; nearly three million jobs have evaporated in the past year and a half.

What's the justification for Limbaugh's millions? He is anti-America. He hates people who don’t look like him and years for the bad old days; Americans voted and decided that they want a multi-ethnic and multi-racial country.

Thankfully, Democrats won huge gains in the last election and have the numbers in both the House and the Senate. The Bll sailed through the House 244-188.

How quickly the Republicans have forgotten that Bush's last Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson loaned tens of billions of dollars to banks like CitiGroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and that these banks aren't even lending money to businesses, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

At least Obama's stimulus package is actually meant to rejuvenate the economy by creating jobs.

Rush Limbaugh is stuck in the 19th Century and only cares about Limbaugh. Why doesn’t he use his several millions of dollars to create jobs for Americans out of work and facing eviction? Yet Republicans rejected President Obama's call to support the Bill in order to have a bipartisan program to restore America's economy by creating jobs. Instead Republicans, still shocked by their massive defeat at the elections and now under the spell of Limbaugh, are playing politics as usual.

These are members of the same party that has destroyed the national economy, causing the loss of 2.6 million jobs domestically, while bleeding tens of billions of dollars from the economy every month through the Bush/Chaney Iraq and Afghan wars.

Instead of running for cover, the Republicans have become obstructionists barely one week after the new president took office. One Republican even declared that Obama's proposal is the "worst abuse" of power in history.

This coming from the party of Richard Nixon and the Party of George Bush's no-bid contracts, Katrina disaster, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib? Somebody needs to tell this lawmaker and other Republicans that it's not wise to drink before coming to the House and making a speech.

Republicans should be careful throwing out words like "abuse of power." Four years is a long time; more than enough time for the current Administration to investigate actual and real abuse of power under the Bush Administration.

All this brings us back to Limbaugh, who had already declared that he hopes Barack Obama's Administration "fails." This is a treacherous statement, from a pundit who earns tens of millions of dollars --money that can create several thousand jobs for Americans-- just for spewing divisive words. He has already declared his hope that a president who wants to recover 2.6 million jobs and repairs the economy "fails."

Limbaugh's is at once an anti-American and anti-Patriotic declaration. Imagine, flag-waving Limbaugh, so distraught by Obama's election victory that he has become anti-America.

The Republicans ruined the nation's economy and allowed corruption to proliferate over the past eight years. Republicans now have the leadership they deserve--Rush Limbaugh.

We now know which party cares for working Americans and the middle class.

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