Rush Limbaugh's Lunatic Attacks On Obama

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Even before he’s been sworn in as president, Barack Obama is already being blamed for the looming recession by Right Wing media nuts such as Rush Limbaugh; he’s calling it the "Obama Recession."

The attack is not limited to the lunatic fringe like Limbaugh. In a column, "Bridges To Nowhere," published in today’s New York Post, the National Review writer Rich Lowry ridicules Obama’s plan to spur economic recovery through jobs programs similar to FDR’s 1930s strategy against the Great Depression. According to Lowry, the Depression actually outlasted FDR’s tenure, and in any case, even an Obama aide once wrote: "In the past, infrastructure projects that were initiated as the economy started to weaken did not involve substantial amounts of spending until after the economy had recovered."

Say what!? Because substantial spending 80 years ago came after the economy was recovering nothing should be done to fight the current malaise?

First of all, Lowry probably takes the comment by Jason Furman, out of context. Even if it’s not out of context, let’s examine the logic of Lowry’s column by comparing Obama’s proposals with Lowry’s.

But wait a minute, we can’t compare Obama’s plan to pump billions of dollars into the economy to create jobs –including "green economy" jobs—to Lowry’s because the columnist offers no proposal. Not a single suggestion about what Obama should instead do is offered in the Lowry column. Just a litany of attacks. This is the worse time of pseudo-journalism; attacking a plan without offering a counter plan or proposal. Waste of ink; one wonders why such a column is even published.

Obama inherits a collapsing economy, with 10 million unemployed, 1.2 million jobs lost this year alone, and perhaps millions more in the next few months. This week alone CitiGroup announced plans to axe 53,000 jobs. General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are all on the brink. And people like Limbaugh and Lowry dump on a president elect who is actually trying to form a coalition government, bring the country together and attack the economic malaise as a team.

How preposterous!

To show how seriously he is Obama has already discussed the possibility of a key position in his Administration for Hillary Clinton, so as to bring in key and talented Clinton supporters, and gain the support of the millions that voted for her; he’s also met with John McCain, who until his campaign was hijacked by the Right Wing of the Republican party, was actually a sober maverick, with sensible tax plans and immigration reform proposals. If the old McCain returns, he would be a great asset for President Obama.

As The Wall Street Journal noted today in an article on page A6 "Obama, McCain Agree on ‘Change’ for Washington," today: "Mr. Obama and Sen. McCain have much to gain by establishing a productive relationship. For Mr. Obama, support from the former Republican presidential candidate would help fulfill his pledge to reach for bipartisan solutions. For Sen. McCain, working with the White House could allow him to wield influence in a Democratic-controlled Congress."

The Daily News gets it right in today’s editorial, "Obamanomics 101," when it states, "The President-elect’s comments in his first interview since winning election confirmed that the tenure of George W. Bush cannot come to an end soon enough …"

The Daily News lauds Obama’s bipartisan approach, and the fact that the president-elect doesn’t believe the Big Three auto companies can’t simply be allowed to become bankrupt, and that a rescue plan must also bring all the key stake players –the management, the union, the suppliers—in a meeting so that they can iron out a workable plan.

The News’s also quotes Obama comments from the 60Minutes interview: "But what I don’t want to do is get bottled up in a lot of ideology and is this conservative or liberal. My interest is finding something that works."

We concur with The News when it states: "Bravo"!

On another note, I read with amusement the article "Look Out, Dave, Rudy’s Closing," on page 15 in The Daily News. It refers to former New York City mayor and disgraced presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani narrowing David Paterson’s lead in a head to head match up for governorship from 11 points to 6 points. This is a worthless article. Even with the economic crisis and the governor’s announced budget cuts and layoffs, it’s not surprising that he still leads Giuliani, whom former mayor Ed Koch aptly referred to as a "nasty" man. He’s so nasty that even with a $60 million war chest he was not able to win a single presidential primary. He will never become governor of New York State of president of the United States. He had no career until Osama bin Laden bailed him with the 9/11 terrorist attack. He made a complete fool of himself during the Republican nomination convention when he mocked Obama’s work as a community organizer with a smirk. "What’s a community organizer?" he declared?

We retort: A community organizer is the next president of the United States.

We also pose a question: What’s a washed up racist former mayor?


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