Sam E. Antar: The Big Fraud Continues

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Sam E. continues to malign me as anti-semitic becuase I keep exposing him as as convicted fraudster who stole hundreds of millions of dollars and cannot be trusted

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In a previous piece, "Whitewashing Crazy Eddie’s Cuz Is Insane," which appeared in The Black Star News on October 28, 2009, I wrote about Sam E. Antar, a convicted felon who assisted in the stock fraud, Crazy Eddie. Crazy Eddie was a stock fraud, which involved the old inventory scam and inflated sales figures.

Like most felons, Sam E. has portrayed himself as the mastermind of the criminal activity in which he participated. Unfortunately for his ego, the real mastermind of the Crazy Eddie stock fraud was Eddie Antar, Sam E.’s cousin and the founder of the Crazy Eddie electronics empire. But the media loves a self-proclaimed penitent and Sam E. has become a media darling.

Sam E. has appeared on Herb Greenberg’s television show on CNBC. Sam E. has appeared on Larry Kudlow’s CNBC television program.

(Greenberg did not respond to my request for comments. A spokesperson for CNBC responded this way on behalf of Kudlow: "Sam Antar has appeared on CNBC once in the last three years to argue infavor of more resources to combat insider trading and stricterenforcement. His convictions were disclosed.")

Sam E. recently wrote a little piece about Bernard Madoff for Newsweek. Sam E. has been praised in Fortune, December 25, 2007, in an article, "Takes One To Know One," by Peter Carbonara, and in Crain’s New York Business, in an article, "Crazy Like A Fox," by Aaron Elstein, on October 4, 2009. I personally debunked the Crain piece in my article, "Whitewashing Crazy Eddie’s Cuz Is Insane."

But to paraphrase Shakespeare, I have not come to praise Sam E. I have come to bury him; and I shall accomplish this by exposing a dark secret.

Sam E. has publicly stated on various internet message boards that he has donated his time and his wife’s money (yes that is correct his wife’s money) to expose stock frauds and fraudulent accounting practices. Sam E. was very proud of his wife’s largesse and stated that the money came from his wife’s family, which is heavily involved in real estate.

Sam E.’s wife, Robin, was so generous that, according to Sam E.’s internet postings, Robin permitted him to give $250,000 to Barry Minkow, another convicted felon. Minkow masterminded the stock fraud ZZZZ Best, which cost the American public in excess of $100 million in the 1980s. Sam E. said that he admitted Minkow’s prowess in exposing fraud. Of course the money was donated to Minkow’s Fraud Discovery Unit- and not to Minkow personally. And there is an excellent financial reason for that. Minkow’s salary is being garnished because he owes the federal government $16 million, which Minkow illegally earned in his stock fraud.

As for the origin of the $250,000 some internet bloggers have questioned if the money truly belonged to Robin or if Sam E. were passing along money from short sellers and class action attorneys.

There have been some unfortunate developments for Sam E. Robin has not been feeling generous anymore. Or perhaps Robin became too upset with Sam E.’s antics and his addiction to his computer and his internet postings.

How do I know that Robin does not feel generous to Sam E. anymore?

Robin filed for divorce in 2007 in Kings Civil Supreme Court. The index number is 043286/2007.

What does this mean? Well it entails a small discussion of Jewish law. And the last time I explained Jewish law to Sam E., he called me an anti-Semite: Just because I pointed out that Sam E. had violated the Ten Commandments of Hashem as well as many of the 613 mitzvoth, which Orthodox Jews must observe.

Surely you remember the Ten Commandments including: "Thou shall not steal" and "Thou shall not lie."

Well Sam E. stole and he committed perjury. Yes, he testified against his cousin, but that was after he was given permission by a Rabbi. (This has been recounted in my lawsuit for my FBI files, 08-CV-01678-SLT-LB.)

In Orthodox Judaism, especially among Syrian Jews in Brooklyn, a woman cannot initiate a divorce. Only a man can initiate a divorce. And this is accomplished by giving your wife a "get;" this means that your former wife can remarry.

In Orthodox Judaism divorces, at least those where a man grants a woman a divorce by providing his former wife with a "get," are decided in a rabbinical court, a bet din. The distribution of property is even decided by the rabbis. Thus, Orthodox Judaism is like Sharia (Islamic) law in many instances with the religious authorities deciding the divorce.

But it is apparent that Sam E. has not granted his wife a "get;" so Robin has sued in civil court.

Matrimonial proceedings are sealed. So, I have not been able to read the court filings. But it appears to me that Sam E. does not wish to let the "free ride" on his wife’s money disappear.

And Sam E. has no assets. Sam E. declared bankruptcy in the 1990s. And Sam E. has not been gainfully employed. Sam E. boasts that he donates his fraud spotting services for free- while being supported by his wife.

Sam E. repeats lies ad nauseam. Even though the Anti-Defamation League has said in a letter, dated July 2, 2007, that my comments about Sam E. and his violations of Talmudic Law were not anti-Semitic, Sam E. has continued to deride me as an anti-Semite- just because I know that a convicted fraudster, who stole hundreds of millions of dollars, cannot be trusted.

In February 2008 Robin filed for an Order of Protection against her husband, Sam E. Antar. Robin withdrew the request for an Order of Protection the next day.

Yet on April 8, 2009 at the request of Robin, Judge Rachel Adams issued an Order of Protection and a Restraining Order against Sam E. Antar.

And this restraining order has remained in effect.

What do Sam E. Antar’s friends, Larry Kudlow, Herb Greenberg, Howard Sirota, and those investigative reporters at Newsweek, Fortune and Crain’s have to say about all this?

Stay tuned and we will find out.

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