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A New York City Councilman is calling on the FCC to revoke Pat Robertson’s license in the wake of his call for the U.S. to assassinate Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. "I am outraged that Pat Robertson, who purports to be a Christian would call for the assassination of a head of state, and then offer just a half-baked apology," Charles Barron, who represents East New York, told The Black Star News. Barron said he will be joined by several colleagues from the City Council and Consul General Lenore Osorio, of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for a news conference on the steps of City Hall Sept. 1 at noon.

"Why have we not heard a great outcry from the president," Barron wondered, "the mayor of this city, and other elected officials and community leaders who have not condemned what Robertson said?" He added: "This country claims to be fighting terrorism, when you have this well-known TV host demanding an act of terrorism against another country’s president. I have written to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to ask that he be taken off the air immediately."

Back in May, President Chavez said he would reconsider Venezuela’s diplomatic links with the U.S. if Washington did not agree to extradite asylum-seeking Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile and ex-CIA  operative accused of plotting the 1976 bombing of a Cuban jet, in which 73 people died. Separately, Chavez has said his government will now also seek the extradition of Robertson for issuing a “terrorist threat.â€?

On August 24, Robertson issued an "apology" on his television show, the ‘700 Club,’ where he had made the earlier assassination call. However, he proclaimed that that his comment was "misinterpreted," and that he
said the U.S. should "take out," President Chavez which could mean "to kidnap" him.

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