Stand Up For Deshong!

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Attorney Jamal Deshong and his attorney, Neville Mitchell, will appear at the weekly, United Africa Movement (UAM) forum on Wednesday, July 5, 2006 at the Elks Plaza, 1068 Fulton Street in Brooklyn to discuss Deshong’s trials and tribulations and his future in the legal profession.     

Deshong must appear in Part 62 of Supreme Court, New York County, 100 Centre Street in Manhattan on August 22, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. for sentencing.  He could face up to a year in jail but with time served, this is probably not an option. Time served in this case amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

This second prosecution, involving his former girlfriend, is timed like the last prosecution which started on the eve of July 4.  The second trial will start right before a holiday; that is, Labor Day.  The legal system is measuring his neck.     

A jury, which receives a case on the eve of a holiday, will summarily decide the case on its instincts:  “where there is smoke there is fire.â€?  The scheduling of a trial may well affect its outcome.  Since a Black person is presumed guilty, a conviction automatically follows especially when a jury wants to get to the party.

The first prosecution ended in a conviction on two counts of criminal contempt in the second degree.  There were not only duplicitous counts in the accusatory instrument but they were applied in an unconstitutional fashion since the judge was absent from the courtroom and the court officers arrogated to themselves the power of contempt.  It routinely happens in a police state.

I first heard of Deshong in the Black Star News.  It took me back to July 11, 1984.  I had been a vocal attorney representing, at the time, the family of Michael Stewart and Willie Bosket who New York vowed would never pass his seed on to another generation.  His genetic information includes a superior intelligence.  The criminal justice system is employed to stop or impede reproduction.

Judicial terrorism prompted the arrest and prosecution of Deshong.  It especially frightens Black lawyers.  Law enforcement personnel kills people because of terrorism and not because of any overriding fear of Black males as white cops argue.
The claim of fear, which is a product of terrorism, aids white cops because it allows them to plead self-defense.  This claim of fear is being used to brainwashes Blacks and allows them to endorse their own oppression.  White cops have created their own escape hatches. Court officers run courthouses and judges.  Without a doubt, I was the only lawyer to challenge them in New York.  My counterpart in the judiciary was Justice Bruce Wright.  The court officers union forced his judicial bosses to assign Justice Wright to a clerical position.

This same police union commanded the New York Legislature to secure my “disbarment.â€?  This was unprecedented and it denied to all Blacks the right of competent and effective representation.  Attorney General Robert Abrams was given the assignment.  He usurped the authority of the grand jury.  Gov. Mario Cuomo made the assignment.

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