Strategic Planning or a Gigantic Bust?

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I conducted political workshops for the Freedom Party during June 2010 and early July 2010 from Buffalo to New York City.  My first goal was to teach reading comprehension of the election code.  Virtually everyone who completes a graduate school program lacks reading comprehension.  It should start in pre-school. 

When I told everyone how to read strategically, they viewed me as a "nut" case.  Strategic reading requires that everyone should read from the back of the book to its front. Thus, strategic planning for the Freedom Party requires that you develop a strategy from the last word of the NY Election Law to its beginning word. 

This strategy was employed from July 7 to August 17 which was the deadline for filing signatures. New York law required that the Freedom Party file a sufficient number of signatures in 15 of the 29 congressional districts. The Freedom Party exceeded this burdensome statutory requirement by at least six congressional districts. This was unprecedented in Black history. 

For example, New York law required 15,000 signatures for a space on the ballot for governor. The Freedom Party filed 45,000 signatures which came from virtually every congressional district in New York State. This required a statewide organization. A statewide organization for Blacks in New York and in any other state had previously ended with the Civil War. It has been revived. 

A statewide strategy for White supremacy in New York starts in Albany. The three branches of government, operating with a "merger of powers" doctrine, amounts to a government conspiracy against Blacks. This is why White supremacists will pay Blacks to keep Black people addicted to plantation politics. Thus, the Freedom Party had to be denied ballot status.
An attempted assassination of the Freedom Party by a Fifth Column started on August 17, the birthday of Marcus Garvey. This was also the same date that Mumia Abu-Jamal was scheduled to die in Pennsylvania in 1995. Strategic planning was snuffed out on August 17 but the Freedom Party, nonetheless, was able to limp in and actually secure 50,000 votes. Black elected officials, however, are opposed to challenging false, police election results. 

The methodology of engaging in strategic planning and employing computerized voting will be outlined in Buffalo. This is the key to Blacks securing liberation. I have always used strategic planning to win, according to the Washington Post, "long-shot cases". No downtrodden people have a chance of winning anything without a winning formula. Rhetoric is not a synonym for a winning formula.  

Effective lawyering is like effective politricking. After an attorney compiles the "facts," a script must be completed. The first step is to write the jury instructions to be followed by the summation. The next step is the examination of witnesses. An opening statement must be prepared to follow jury selection. Finally, the defense attorney is ready for his or her client to escape the prison-industrial complex. 

While the true intent of the Freedom Party in 2010 was to land Councilman Charles Barron in Albany, the fallback position was to attract 400,000 voters and give to the Freedom Party the balance of power between the Republicans and the Democrats. To be sure, it should have been a done deal for the Freedom Party to, at least, get ballot status for the next four years. 

The trip to Buffalo is an unbelievable bargain. For the price of a Greyhound bus ticket, an attendee from New York City will enjoy free refreshments on the bus; upscale, double occupancy lodgings in downtown Buffalo with a complementary breakfast buffet on Sunday morning; an "Evening with Eva Doyle" on Saturday evening with "complementary refreshments"; free food on Sunday afternoon and a political seminar on Sunday morning with an estimated value of $250.00.
The total cost is $175.00. Single occupancy is also available at an additional cost. The price of a round-trip ticket alone is at least $142.00. This attractive offer is being made to keep the Freedom Party on track and to start 2011 with a political plan.  The Tea Party is not calling for time and neither is the Freedom Party.

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