Super Delegates or Politburo?

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[Black Star News Editorial]


The nation must say “No” to One-person two-votes.

Super delegates get to vote twice. Each one of them exercises the right to vote during the primaries in their own states, with one vote. There is something patently wrong, if these same Super delegates use their “second” vote in August to reject the will of the people. This kind of voting, we've always been told only happened in the former Soviet Union, in North Korea, and in China; places with Politburos.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama now has a total of 1,253 total delegates of which 157 are super delegates; Hillary Clinton has a total of 1,211 delegates, of which 234 are super delegates.

Going by elected delegates alone, Senator Obama has 1,096 delegates and Clinton has 977 delegates. This means that Senator Obama leads Clinton by 119 elected delegates.

If the United States truly believes in one-person one-vote, then Senator Clinton should not be leading Senator Obama in the Super delegates count. Super delegates are members of Congress, party officials, state officials and other politicos; they are not bound by the results of primary elections or caucuses. They can back any candidate.

There is already speculation that even if Senator Obama ends up with more elected delegates after the last primary election is held in Pennsylvania, Super delegates may turn the tide in Senator Clinton’s favor at the Democratic Party’s Convention in Colorado in August.

Such a travesty would do irreparable harm to the Democratic Party’s chances in the presidential elections when the party’s nominee likely faces Senator John McCain in the fall, should the majority of Democratic super delegates decide to back Clinton against Obama.

Super delegates must not oppose the will of the voters otherwise many of these same voters will not show up for the general elections if their votes in the primaries are nullified by the actions of super delegates.

Super delegates must support the candidate that ends up with the most elected delegates.

Perhaps the best solution is for the Super delegates not to vote at all and allow the nominee to be the candidate with the most elected delegates.

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