Teaching African Pride

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Here we go again. I don't know about you, but I rejoiced to high heaven when Ghana defeated the United States in the World Cup competition. I rejoiced because I understand that I am in America because my ancestors were stolen from our motherland Africa. Through the educational system I was taught to dislike everything about Africa and to even dislike myself.

That is why our people of African descent born in America will support American policy that is detrimental to African interest. The display of the Israeli flag by the Ghanaian player when they beat the Czech Republic shows that the education of Africans to be other than our natural selves is a worldwide strategy to sustain white supremacy. The brother from Ghana was taught to play soccer by an Israeli coach. Part of the requirement to learn the sport was the youth had to make a pledge to Israel.

This day we see that the Ghanaian brother's sport's education has made him more loyal to Israel than he is to his homeland of Ghana. He was born and raised in Ghana. He scored the goal for Ghana. The victory went to Ghana. But our brother chose to celebrate Israel! The solution to this worldwide problem is we must teach ourselves, about ourselves and not rely on others to teach about who we are. The oppressor will not teach the oppressed how to relieve the oppression. T

The oppressor will teach the oppressed how to help sustain white supremacy. That is why African people around the world will wave American, English, Israeli, even a German flag and not raise the Red, Black, and Green flag that stands for African liberation and sovereignty. 

We must have supreme authority to determine our interests and teach our children our history so they will not unwittingly support our oppression in the name of progress. This is why The Struggle Continues.

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