Thanks For Exposing Toxic Dumping In Somalia

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[Letter To The Editor]

I am Somalian by birth and an American citizen who enjoys the good life in the United States myself and my family.

Thank you for "Capt. Phillips’ Rescue: Something Fishy Off Somalia" April 15.

You’re one of the few people who did any investigation about what is going on in Somalia and piracy in general. Yes their acts are criminal; yes, they ask for ransom. But what you said is correct. These people have the highest support from Somalis in the country. Why? Because nuclear waste dumping from Europe and illegal fishing from all countries of the world in Somalia and nobody says anything. There are children allover Somalia with health troubles we never notice anywhere in the world.

Children missing their body parts. Missing reproductive parts caused by barrels containing high levels of radioactive waste all over Somali’s sea cost.

Keep working on the issue. Somalians will gladly assist you with new information you need and interpretations of Somali language and websites. Information posted everyday on Somali websites.

The Writer lives in North Carolina.

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