The Black Political Party

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[Column: I Write What I Like] Kudos to Dr. Julia Hare for her presentation on the State of Black America, on C-SPAN.  She was making it real. 

With 2.5 million Blacks in New York City alone, she should be making several appearances annually in the tri-state area. Her last appearance in New York City was in March 2006. She is overdue.           

Nearly three months after the assassination of Sean Bell and the critical wounding of Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman, the five assassins are freeloading and are at liberty. In other words, they are still armed and dangerous. This means they will walk. Blacks have been put to sleep.       

No criminal complaint has been filed against any of them. Thus, the criminal justice system has already decided that these assassins are innocent, responsible and patriotic, public servants. Blacks have been pacified and leading Blacks are on new assignments. The Black masses are clueless.           

The purpose of voting is to secure a slice of the economic pie for special interest groups and ethnic blocs. During January and February of every year, the executive head of every municipal, state or federal government announces a budget. President-select George Bush, Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have already announced their budgets in 2007.           

The missing ingredients in each of these budgets are descendants of enslaved Africans eating their slice. The reason for this omission is the absence of a Black Agenda. Money and agendas drive politics. Thankfully, we have not put any money into traditional politics. This would be called financing your own oppression. Obviously, we lack the ability or the courage to write an agenda.           

If we fail to write an agenda today and form a political party, no need exists to continue to engage in plantation politics as an alternative. In New York City, plantation politics starts on Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.’s official holiday. On this day, we elevate or jumpstart white politicians like Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Charles Schumer, Spitzer and Bloomberg. Where are they on Sean Bell et. al.? 

The role of plantation overseers is to shield whites from criticism by the Black masses. This is currently happening in the Sean Bell case. No demands are being made on Clinton, Schumer, Spitzer and Bloomberg. This is intentional. Malcolm X denounced the current profile of leading Blacks before we ever heard of them.           

Our objective must be to write a Black agenda; demand that it is adhered to and continue the struggle of our ancestors for political independence and economic sufficiency like the legacies of Fannie Lou Hamer, Rev. George Lee, Harry and Henriette Moore and Medgar Evers. Their goal was freedom and not racial accommodation and integration.           

It is good for Blacks to have their State of Black America like whites have Meet the Press and Face the Nation--but whites leave these programs and go behind closed doors. We should do the same. Instead, we chase cameras in other venues. Let's kick the media habit and start planning our liberation.

On C-SPAN, Wade Henderson said, “If you don't vote, you don't  count.” This is wrong. If Blacks don't form a political party, they will not count. Ask the slave masters who formed the Democratic Party. Ask the railroad magnates and industrialists who formed the Republican Party. A political party is an instrument to advance and redress grievances and to enforce the social contract.

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