The Bull's Rose Is Great; Michael Jordan May Remain The Greatest Ever

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Derrick Rose, the 23 year old Chicago Bulls sensation has helped his team defeat the Atlanta Hawks. Rose is a great player and may win a few rings before his playing days are over.

Sports channels and the sports section on evening news have taken to showing Rose's flashy moves on highlights and then showing flashback images of Michael Jordan's moves.

Rose plays with a maturity beyond his years. In an era of selfish play and narcissism, Rose is a welcome relief. Even after phenomenal moves or all-round solid games, he always has a gentle, calm, and respectful demeanor.

Rose plays like the super star that he is but interacts with others with a humility that is very rare among his peers. He was well deserving of the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP) nod this year.

Now Rose will have to get by the Miami Heat for the privilege of playing for the NBA crown. He will run into an angry and rejuvenated LeBron James, who may believe that either he or his teammate Dwayne Wade, should have won the MVP honor. The Heat dispatched mighty Boston Celtics and are playing with a formidable focus and hunger.

Rose could still claim a ring this year, or in the next, or in the near future. He is an outstanding phenomenon.

We mean no disrespect to Rose. Yet let's be clear, Michael Jordan was cut from another cloth and it's premature to compare the two players. Michael was from another galaxy. In his prime, he occasionally soared to unimaginable heights that arched towards that distant galaxy. He revolutionized play--starting as a super dunker, and maturing into a great defender, assist-maestro, and step-back fadeaway block-proof jump shooter.

Derrick Rose is a great player and will become greater.

Michael Jordan, in basketball, was simply the greatest that there's ever been. He may remain the greatest ever.

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