The Clintons And Lewinsky's Demons

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Hillary and Bill Clinton need counseling.

Back to that in a minute. First an update.

Yesterday, Senator Hillary Clinton said that if she had been a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ and had heard some of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s volatile sermons, she would have quit the church. “He would not have been my pastor,” she declared.

Her very-below the belt statement was designed to drag the Wright episode back into center stage of mainstream media coverage and divert focus from the fact that CBS News had exposed Hillary Clinton as a big liar on Monday.

The network aired video from her 1996 trip to Bosnia. She had claimed she landed there amidst sniper fire. She was trying to embellish her foreign affairs “experience” over Senator Barack Obama and her superior qualification to be president.

She had been lying big time. Not only had there been no sniper fire ----otherwise the military would not have allowed her to travel there with her then 15-year old daughter Chelsea, the singer Sheryl Crowe and the comedian Sinbad. The delegation was greeted with petals of flowers. An eight year old girl read Clinton a poem. They stood calmly on the airport tarmac.

Clinton yesterday played the race card from the top of the deck. Her campaign has been doing this since January. Obama offers hope and change; the Clintons peddle hate and racism. She wants to destroy Obama while building up Senator John MacCain. She and her husband know that she can’t win the nomination.

Clinton would rather have McCain, who is 72, win and serve one-term. She would then make another White House run, when she would then be 65, in 2012. It’s a foolish strategy. To begin with, Obama can beat McCain in November, even if the Clintons continue to campaign for McCain as they have. McCain is clueless when it comes to the U.S. economy.

If the Clintons help McCain win, she would be so reviled due to her ugly campaign strategies that she may not even be able to hold on to her Senate seat, let alone make another White House bid.

Now about the therapy.

The biggest irony about the Clintons playing the race card is that it shows huge contempt for the African American community that bailed them after they were excommunicated following Bill Clinton’s impeachment while president. He had lied about his sexual activities with intern Monica Lewinsky, including inserting a cigar in her private part; National Archives records recently released show that Clinton engaged in the sexual activities with Lewinsky at least 10 times and that his wife was in the White House on eight of those occasions.

The couple was reviled by much of the public following the scandal. They played the race card and ran to the Black community --a welcoming and generous people, familiar with what it means to be hounded and demonized. Bill Clinton even set up office in Harlem.

That was how the Clinton’s dealt with the painful, humiliating and emotionally and mentally destabilizing Lewinsky episode.

Now perhaps it’s coming back to haunt the couple. The healing the couple needed never happened.

Anytime you have a grown man inserting cigars inside a girl’s private parts in the White House, and the wife decides to stay --which was Hillary’s rightful decision-- the couple deserves proper counseling.

Rather than seek professional psychological counseling and therapy, the Clintons seem to believe that power, through political office, is the end all cure. Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat was the stepping stone to the White House, the ultimate prize in political power, and the penultimate cure for the Lewinsky demons that still haunt the Clintons.

Healing is what the Clintons never got and still need. How else to explain the couple’s pathological and systematically crazed strategy for conquering the White House at all cost.

The White House can’t exorcize the Lewinsky demons.


Note To Readers: A reader objected to the use of the term Clinton “molesting” Lewinsky in the earlier version of this editorial since the legal definition applies when one party is under the age of 18. The editorial used “molest” to describe improper sexual activity between a president (with all the powers of the presidency and the office of the presidency) and a White House intern.

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