The Clintons: Congenital Liars

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[Black Star News Editorial]


Speaking before an Indiana audience on Thursday, Bill Clinton dropped more lies while trying to explain off Senator Hillary Clinton’s earlier lies about having dodged bullets when she visited Tuzla, Bosnia in 1996.

Senator Clinton had claimed that after landing, a scheduled airport ceremony had been shelved due to security concerns, and that her delegation --which included her daughter Chelsea and the comedian Sinbad-- had ducked and run for cover.

CBS news video footage made by a reporter who had accompanied then First Lady Clinton on the trip, exposed the Senator as a bald-faced liar. Among the people greeting Clinton at the airport in Tuzla, Bosnia, with flowers, was an eight-year old girl who read a poem for the visitors. Clinton had repeated the bullet-dodging lies on at least three separate occasions, including during a campaign appearance where she used this incident to demonstrate her supposed superior foreign policy experience relative to Senator Barack Obama’s.

Yesterday, Bill Clinton tried to defend his wife's reputation----with more Clinton lies.

"A lot of the way this whole campaign has been covered has amused me," Bill Clinton said. "But there was a lot of fulminating because Hillary, one time late at night when she was exhausted, misstated and immediately apologized for it, what happened to her in Bosnia in 1995.”

Very Big Lies. It was not late at night--his wife lied more than once, always during clear daylight, including at a March 17 campaign appearance to discuss foreign policy and she did not “immediately” apologize.

On the contrary, Senator Clinton denied that she had lied even after Sinbad had contradicted her statements; rather, her lies. In addition to denying that she had lied, Clinton dismissed Sinbad as a “mere comedian.” She has never ever apologized for the blatant lies, and only claimed that she had “misspoken.”

Yesterday, compounding his wife’s lie, Bill Clinton told his audience:

"Did y'all see all that? Oh, they blew it up," he said, referring to the coverage and criticism of his wife’s lies.

"Let me just tell you. The president of Bosnia and Gen. Wesley Clark - who was there making peace where we'd lost three peacekeepers who had to ride on a dangerous mountain road because it was too dangerous to go the regular, safe way - both defended her because they pointed out that when her plane landed in Bosnia, she had to go up to the bulletproof part of the plane, in the front. Everybody else had to put their flak jackets underneath the seat in case they got shot at. And everywhere they went they were covered by Apache helicopters. So they just abbreviated the arrival ceremony,” the former president added.

"Now I say that because, what really has mattered is that even then she was interested in our troops," he said. "And I think she was the first first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to go into a combat zone. And you would of thought, you know, that she'd robbed a bank the way they all carried on about this. And some of them when they're 60 they'll forget something when they're tired at 11 o'clock at night, too."

How disingenuous of Bill Clinton, to falsely state that his wife’s lies had been due to her 11 o’clock fatigue, when she had in fact made the false statements during the daytime.

Bill Clinton’s lie about late-night fatigue also raised another legitimate concern. Senator Hillary Clinton launched her famous scare-mongering 3 AM “red phone” commercial during the Texas primaries when Senator Obama was on the verge of beating her. The commercial claimed Senator Clinton was the most suitable commander-in chief to answer a phone call at 3 AM.

Now, if, as her husband reveals, Senator Clinton cannot even remember at 11 PM whether she had dodged bullets or not, why should the nation trust her to make the right decision if she picks up a national emergency phone call at 3 AM?


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