The EEOC Perpetrates Fraud

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The United States of America is commonly called a melting pot because of all the different cultures and religions it has. 

But this melting pot did not always freely include a class of people who were left with no other choice but to march for their basic Civil Rights. Many have died protecting the USA and were never compensated for tireless forced slave labor. 

It was not until this government was forced to take notice of the unlawful transgressions that led to the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, by then President Lyndon B. Johnson. A bold stance for affirmative action on discrimination had to be taken, which empowered federal contractors to investigate any such complaints involving one’s race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability; and to prevent retaliation against those that expose discrimination.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has the power to investigate. Yet it has failed its mission miserably when it involves cases affecting African Americans.  Only one percent of the complaints made to the EEOC get investigated, it is alleged, and of the vast majority of those complaints those by African Americans are thrown in the garbage or labeled “unfounded.” 

 “African Americans are being hammered by the EEOC,” said Ricardo E. Jones, a nine year veteran investigator at the New York City EEOC headquarters. “Their complaints are not being investigated and I have told too many of our politicians who have not lifted a finger to do anything about it.”

When someone trespasses against a federal law and discriminates against you, it should be treated as a crime – but it is not.  The very laws that are supposed to protect and shield you from being discriminated against become ineffective when the very agency (EEOC), that was entrusted to investigate and enforce Title VII laws, simply ignore hundreds or thousands of complaints filed by African Americans. 

“As a result of my attempts to uncover these illegal practices I’ve been harassed and retaliated against by my supervisor, district director and agency.  Black people have not and will not receive protection under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended,” states Jones.

In March, The Black Star News made inquiries into Investigator Jones’ allegations and learned the EEOC has levied a negative performance rating dated August 13th, finding his work “unsatisfactory.”  Jones feels this action is nothing more than planned retaliation because he exposed the EEOC as being hypocrites. 

In plain English, EEOC would like to fire Jones now.

Where does Jones go to get protection if the EEOC is the one doing the discriminating?  Here a federal agency (EEOC) that is supposed to combat discrimination in the work place when it’s reported – is doing the very same thing – trespassing against Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Jones is still presently employed with the EEOC and continues to complain about being in a ‘very hostile work environment.’  His hardship transfer request was denied twice and he filed a grievance against the treatment he is receiving. 

“I was forced to file a grievance. The Union President, Kevin Berry, passed me a Quid Pro Quo from the District Director Spencer H. Lewis, to withdraw my grievance before he could facilitate my transfer.  This is illegal and retaliation,” Jones lamented. 

President Berry, who is a federal judge, could not be reached for comment and Director Lewis did not return my calls.
I have some knowledge of the system.

A little more than a decade ago, I filed a complaint with the EEOC against the Department of Correction (DOC) and then Commissioner Bernard Bailey Kerik; it went nowhere.  There was no investigation conducted on the physical evidence I submitted to prove my claim, which was requested by the EEOC investigator – who then tried to close my complaint several times. 

In fact right before September 11th, I was leaving the EEOC office and was approached by a person I did not know, “Your complaints are not going to go anywhere – they are all Masons and they work together.  Just ask for a, ‘Right to sue,’ letter and be done with it,” the person stated referring to EEOC and DOC’s EEOC members belonging to the Mason organization.  The person then walked away in a hurry.

When interviewing Jones for this article, it reminded me of another article posted on the Black Star News website.  The story of  (Whistleblower) Arthur Harman, who worked at the MTA for nine years as an auditor and exposed top management of squandering millions.  He is still trying to get his claim investigated.  

There are other EEOC employees coming forward with their complaints as well.  I have contacted the Attorney General and reported Jones as a, “Whistleblower,” they have not responded before press time.

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Together we can get the justice everyone just talks about. 

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