The Ugly Mitt: By Playing Racist Birther Card, Romney Proves He Deserves The Zero He Got In Poll

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[Black Star News Editorial]

By playing the racist "birther" card, America's
first serious Mormon Presidential candidate has concluded that his best
chance of winning the White House is to rally his Republican base
including the Tea Party and hope for a few bad things to also happen. 
at a campaign rally in Michigan today before a crowd of a few thousand,
the desperate Republican candidate said: “No one’s ever asked to see my
birth certificate. They know that this is the place where both of us
were born and raised.” 
And, as The Washington Post reported
later: "The crowd of roughly 1,000 responded knowingly with loud cheers,
and several supporters said in interviews following the rally that they
interpreted Romney’s comment as a dig at Obama. Although Obama has
released his birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii, some
conservative activists still question his citizenship." 
has probably concluded that since he gets zero support from the Black
community and negligible backing from Latinos he can afford to alienate
both groups so long as he can maximize turnout in his base. So he's throwing red meat to even the rabid elements.

Unless he apologizes this 2012 campaign, already on the downward slope, will enter an even filthier gutter.

Romney also probably hopes that: the
economic data for the last Friday before the Presidential elections show
the economy tanking with unemployment edging sharply upwards and job
creation slowing to a trickle; that Israel launches an attack against
Iran, roiling the global oil markets and causing pandemonium on the
stock market; and, that the voting in major swing states such as Florida,
Ohio, and Pennsylvania are so close that Republican operatives
manage to steal those states by the concerted on-going voter suppression
campaign across the country.

If the vote can't be stolen in
the swing states, Romney's possible calculation is that any deadlock that
goes to the Supreme Court would be good: having recently delivered
health care reform to President Obama, this time, by the Romney
calculus, the court would deliver  the White House to the Republicans. 
is simply no other explanation why Romney would himself decide to take
over the duties that had been delegated to John Sununu and Donald Trump; both will be very visible at the Republican convention. Giving up on Latino voters, the Republicans have also lined up notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a convention speaker. The sheriff was the nation's birther-in-chief.

Romney may have usurped that title for himself.

Of course Romney also
wants to divert attention away from the Rep. Todd Akin disaster. As the
whole world now knows, this grown man, a Republican Congressman who's running for the Senate and sits on the House Science committee, contends that in cases of
"legitimate" rape a woman can prevent pregnancy by "shutting that whole
thing down."

Not only did the comments open the entire party to
ridicule, it also exposed to many Americans that Akin's views aren't
bizarre within the Republican party at all. Romney's Vice Presidential
running mate Rep. Paul Ryan co-sponsored with Rep. Todd Akin a bill to
ban government support of abortion in cases of "forcible rape"; that term was later removed. It never made it to the senate.

the Republican Party's own manifesto, which is to be adopted this
coming week at their Convention, calls for the ban of abortion even in
cases of rape and incest. Akin's nuclear detonation has all but
derailed the message of tranquility that the Republicans wanted to
project to the country heading into the Convention. The Party leadership
is so rattled that a Politburo type ban on any more interviews about abortion was imposed by Rush Limbaugh. The party has so far adhered to it.

Asked several times in interviews this week
what he meant by "forcible rape" when he co-sponsored the House bill, Ryan
simply ignored the questions and borrowed Obama's remarks: "rape is
rape." Before submitting to a media interview yesterday Mitt Romney
slapped conditions on a reporter: She was not to ask any questions about
abortion, forcible rape, or Todd Akin. 
The Limbaugh Rules
failed. By trying to muzzle the media and by ignoring questions about
Rep. Akin and about "forcible rest" which to many people sounds a lot
like "legitimate rape" both Romney and Ryan became the subjects of even
more ridicule. 
So in his hour of desperation Romney decides to play the race card with his birther statement.
figures he has nothing to lose anyway with The Wall Street Journal/NBC
poll showing his support in the Black community a whopping zero percent
to Obama's 94 percent.

Hopefully more Americans will also now see the wisdom behind why Black voters had concluded that Romney is a ZERO.  How sad and ironic that the nation's first serious Mormon presidential aspirant would resort to such an ugly display.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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