The U.S., Africa Genocide And Profits

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[Global News: Africa Commentary]

My comments are in response to the article "U.S. Misguided Support For Uganda’s Congo War,"  By Carolyn Edson,, February 8th, 2009.

The United States under George Bush entered into unholy alliances, particularly with two African corrupt leaders, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Uganda’s murderous Yoweri Museveni for American interests in Africa.

The death of so many Acholis in concentration camps in northern Uganda, reminiscent of Hitler’s era in Europe is being watched by some Americans and British gleefully, with amusement within the establishments of the U.S. Pentagon and the U.K.’s Whitehall. 

Bush and Tony Blair, the ex-British prime minister, are two international criminals worthy of being arrested and taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague for crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Iraq and the on-going debacle in Afghanistan. 

What is President Barack Obama going to tell the world and Africans in particular about atrocities in Uganda, in the Congo, and Zimbabwe, when dictators like Museveni and Zenawi, with American military hardware, are wreaking havoc in Africa and the world at large?

Zenawi, as was the case with Mwai Kibaki in Kenya in 2007, stole the Ethiopian General Election from opposition parties in 2005. Kibaki was allowed to stay in power for the purpose of installing a puppet regime, that would probably establish  cooperation with designs on the oil wealth lying untapped under the shores of Somali territory.

How is it okay when Museveni and Bush defiled a sovereign state like the DRC? Who in the world will bring Bush and Blair to the ICC at the Hague? Remember how Slobodan Milosevic was tried by a Special Tribunal and died before any judgment was passed? By the way, what really killed this man? (Silent form of execution?) 
Where is Charles Taylor, former Liberia dictator today? Might he meet the same fate as Milosevic? This is a great funny world we live in.

Bush, Museveni and Zenawi announced a combined “war on terror.” Bush’s war is a war of enrichment. War is business where there are many harvests. Just look at Iraq, where Dick Cheney's company from Texas, Halliburton, enjoyed a feast.

Museveni and Zenawi have all been rewarded handsomely for killing millions of Africans for American interests.

Acholis are the current Aborigines of Africa. Museveni and Bush are swimming in blood-stained wealth from war loot.

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