Tiger, A Baaad Mother…

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(Tiger, shown right, is simply the greatest).

The myth, the legend and the streak are still intact and continuing to grow. Tiger Woods continues to astound, abound and leap over the legends, the records, players and the golf courses put before him.

Woods won the 88th PGA tournament, thus becoming the only man to ever win the tournament on the same course twice. He also is the only man to ever win two or more majors two years in a row. He tied the course record with both his 18 under par winning score and overall total score of 270. And he tied the course record on Saturday when he shot his 65 to then take the lead—and the tournament.

He has never lost a major he has tied or had the lead in after 54 holes in his short and yet great and remarkable career. An online poll on AOL found that he is already considered the greatest golfer of all times. He hasn't won three straight PGA events in a row since he did like wise a half a decade ago. The PGA win should tie up both the money leader and golfer of the year awards again for the remarkable and incomparable Mr. Tiger Woods.

He spoke about his dad again, saying he could hear his dad telling him to "putt to the picture," and Tiger was a picture of perfection, dedication, with assassin-like zeal while eliminating all of those who were supposed to challenge him. Woods has once again demonstrated that he is peerless. And he is his greatest challenge. Like ducks unable to fly and hang with the great eagle they fell from the sky and terrain of the great Woods. Mike Weir, Sergio Garcia, Shaun Micheel, Geoff Ogilvy and Luke Donald were no where to be found when the smoke cleared.

Woods moved around and over the course with precision, ease and his special unique and uncanny skill that is his alone. He birdied the first hole and right then and there it was over. He dropped two birdies putts of over 40 feet to assure all this PGA and major was his.

He was effortless, making par after par, birdies when desired and stayed happy making par as he needed nothing else but to finish the round. When he bogeyed on 17 one thought that either there was something wrong with their television set or Woods had allowed a fan to putt for him. He bogeyed only three times all tournament, I for one thinks he never should. When he does it is like Willie Mays dropping a fly ball, something that does happen but isn't expected too.

I think Woods could have and should have won another 3-5 majors in his career, as well as the same year grand slam. He's that good. And I feel a grand slam, all four majors in the same year is one year forthcoming. Had he putted better at the Masters he would have won there. Last year a couple of bogie free rounds and he would have won the same year grand slam. But I, like most Woods fans thinks he should win every tournament he plays in.

Other players don't win majors, Tiger allows them to have one, now and then. But when he is leading a major, count it. Think not? Check the record. You know the myth watch the legend. It keeps growing and going.

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