Tucker Scared Of Revolution?

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Regarding: “Reparations Are We Ready?� [blackstarnews.com Dec. 15] by Zekita Tucker. Believe it or not, 40 years ago that is exactly the question the colonial oppressor was asking themselves. Are the colonized nations of Africa ready for self-governance and independence?

M. Tucker exposes her ignorance of the African-American Movement for Reparation. The premise of her argument suffers a serious flaw—The assertion that the movement for reparation is a struggle to get checks into the mailbox of every Black person in America. This is not only a mischaracterization of the aims and objectives of the Movement but trivializes the just struggle of our ancestors for reparation and restitution for the crime of chattel slavery. 

It is never too soon for a wrong to be righted. Our people were ready in 1868 as evidenced by the cry for 40 acres and a mule. Our People remain ready. I have only one question for Ms. Tucker—As Kwame Ture would have asked: are you ready for the revolution?

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