Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls--A "Must See"

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[Byrd's Eye View]

Tyler Perry's movie "For Colored Girls " is a must see and will be added to your favorite dvd collection of classic films that you will go back and watch because of the many lessons and soul touching moments--because either you can relate or it just moves you on some level.

But these aren't the only reasons why it's a must see. This movie is truly in its own league because no filmmaker has ever created this type of film; therefore no actor or actress has ever had these type of scripts for these roles. The movie is set to release on November 5.

I can't and won't give anything away. Please go and experience something amazingly new and support a Black film. Tyler uniquely recreated Ntozake Shange's 1974 choreopoem "For Colored Girls who have considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf," which is a stage production combining poetry, dance, and music. Most significantly, it placed the Black female experience center stage.

As a play, the Broadway sensation has won several Obie and Tony awards. I am looking forward to Tyler and his cast winning Oscars for the impeccable work on this film. It was refreshing to see how Tyler explores what it means to be a woman of color --and any other ethnicity for that matter-- in this world. We need to go to the movie theatres and not boot-leg the work of our Black filmmakers.

We need to see more Black legends comparable to the likes of Steven Spielberg, Aflred Hitchcock, and Woody Allen, just to name a few. They are known because they posses a unique "wow" factor in their work and they carefully choose the right actor or actress to give their story strong visual impact just like Mr. Tyler Perry.

He is well on his way. So please go out and support this film. It's mind blowing.

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