U.S. Strives to Block U.N. From Okaying Palestine state

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Check out hypocrisy; the Obama Administration, which recently helped instal Black-hating  al-Qaeda affiliated insurrectionists in power in Libya is working feverishly to prevent Palestinians from asking the United Nations this month to grant them statehood.

Benghazi was installed in Tripoli by Washington, London and Paris after a six-month campaign that involved merciless 24 x 7 bombardment and missile attacks.

So, for deferring statehood, as the U.S. is demanding, what would the Palestinians, who have been stateless for more than 62 years, get in return? According to media accounts, the Obama Administration will implore the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel to once again resume "negotiations" with the Palestinians. Yes, the same Netanyahu who sat right next to President Obama in the  White House before global media, and insulted him--saying any negotiations referring to the 1967 borders as starters, was "not going to happen."

If Washington and NATO could instal into power ruthless insurrectionists from Benghazi, who posted videos online showing their fighters beheading opponents and who, according to The Wall Street Journal, ethnically cleansed Black citizens of Libya from Misurata, and people from other African countries, why not support a Palestinian state?

What threat would a Palestinian state pose to global security, now that the world knows, given the recent assault against Libya, that the West could, at any given moment, extinguish from power any government that doesn't meet the approval of Washington, London and Paris?

Meanwhile the U.S. campaign has reportedly included contacting more than 70 countries directly, to ask that they not support a vote on Palestinian statehood by the U.N. General Assembly.

The U.S. has made it clear that it will use its veto to block the Security Council from approving a Palestinian state. The General Assembly is another matter; it's expected to approve non-voting statehood U.N. membership for Palestine.

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