Voters Must Prevent Election Theft

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[Black Star News Editorial]


The most important thing that every American can do is to ensure that this presidential election is not stolen.

Heading into the last week before the presidential election there is a real concern that the desperate Republican party may try to steal the votes in critical battleground states. Senator Barack Obama enjoys more than a 10-points lead in an average of most of the major national polls. More critically, Obama is leading in all the states that John Kerry won in the last election and he's also leading in several states that were once reliably Republican or "Red" states.

By campaigning aggressively during the primary against a formidable opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Obama was able to create a national organization throughout the country. Moreover, Americans now know the Illinois candidate relatively well; they got to judge his superior intelligence, judgment, poise and wisdom during the debates. He is competent and most Americans, judging by the national polls, know that he's the most suitable candidate to bring change and lead the nation forward. Obama has a plan to stabilize the economic turmoil, arrest the decline and launch job-creation programs so Americans can put food on their tables. That's why Obama is now leading in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, states with huge electoral blocks. Moreover, he's leading in states such as North Carolina, usually reliably Republican, and in Virginia and even Colorado.

But this election is not over. There will be attempts by Republican partisans to steal the vote. Already in Ohio, there have been law suits by Republicans, first to prevent the homeless from voting, then to try to purge voter rolls by challenging the validity of some names due to error in recording those names in different data bases. The courts have firmly repudiates these dirty tricks; in case of the purging of names, the case reached the US Supreme Court which stayed the action, allowing Americans to vote freely.

Word comes that as early as today; a judge may hear a case in Colorado, where Republicans are trying to steal the state's nine Electoral votes. The Secretary of State, Michael Coffman, reportedly has struck 30,000 names off the voter roll. His defense? That he's only struck down 15,000 names, not 30,000. How absurd!
In Florida, John McCain has said that the voting there is susceptible to "fraud." Why would he say this when the only party that has stolen the election in Florida is the Republican party, unless he's preparing the groundwork for his operatives to steal the election?

Fortunately, Florida Governor Charlie Crist publicly repudiated the reckless McCain comment. It's clear that the governor wants no role in any attempt to usurp the US Constitution. Additionally, the Democrats aren't taking chances this time around and already 5,000 lawyers have been dispatched to Florida as election monitors and thousands more to other parts of the country.

Major news outlets such as CNN have also set up toll free numbers for people throughout the country to call in if they see or hear about instances of voter fraud----that number to call is (877) 462-6608 or (877) Go CNN 08. People can also call this newspaper at (212) 481-7745 with their accounts about possible election thefts.


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