We All Need Some "Tough Love"

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As a single female living in NYC, it can be pretty rough trying to find
the right mate.

In the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of " a large majority of us
feel as though we're walking all alone. As cliché as it may sound "Tough
Love" (VH1) has opened up a new dialog when it comes to dating.

The shows narrator and tough love expert, Steve Ward, is the master at
helping these eight young ladies find out who they are, and through
finding themselves attracting a mate that will compliment the person they

Yes, I know it sounds like I'm reading straight from the press kit, but as
much as I am opposed to reality T.V I'm sold! Watching these women come
face to face with themselves has the ability to trigger your own dose of
self reflection.

Take one of the women by the name of Rocky. One word to describe her would
be--CRAZY. Way past her glory days, she continues to dress and act like a
woman in her early 20's. Although she has received negative feed back from
all of her potential dates, their honest opinions weren't enough to change
her ways.

Her story alone has me looking forward to next week's episode. Each woman
represents an insecurity that lives within all of us, allowing us to
relate. In a generation where sitcoms have taken a backseat to reality
T.V., Tough Love is the breath of fresh air in VH1's all too scripted
reality box.

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