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[Black Star News Editorial]

Shame on John McCain and Sarah Palin for the ugly racist tactics they have injected into the presidential race as their campaign continues its downward slide.

Yet, how ridiculous is it that some people are still falling for the McCain campaign's divisive tactics of using racial code words and religious bigotry as his desperate campaign tries everything to catch up with Senator Barack Obama who has now opened a significant 10-point lead in some polls?

As political strategist and CNN commentator Donna Brazile has observed Obama spent the first nine months of his life "inside the womb of a white woman" and for the first 21 years of his life he was raised by his White grand parents.

We echo what Brazile also said: "What is wrong with us?"

We are facing an economic meltdown which first and foremost requires a united country so that we can draw the best talent and ideas from both of the major political parties.

We need a president for the 21st Century. The global nature of the meltdown must have demonstrated to any remaining provincial minds that the world's economic system is now so interlinked that, indeed, theft, corruption and greed on Wall Street can destroy Main Streets --and even villages-- all over the world.

From now onwards it's even more critical that the president of the United States and his team understand global finance and international economics; it's critical that the president and his team be able to unite the country and appeal to our common goals, ideals and aspirations rather than the discredited base fears and prejudices of the past; and, suburbanites and hoodites are going to have to see each other as part of the American fabric, in form, not in words and rhetoric--and this is something that can be done when an Obama presidency launches its proposed national jobs project to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, bringing unemployed people from all spectrum of the country to work together on these projects.

We simply have no choice but to continue moving forward; the tactics of the ugly 1960s should remain in the past.

The ugly racism that has been displayed by the McCain in the last two weeks --with his VP running mate asserting that Obama does not regard the United States "like us" or "like we do" or that he might be a "domestic terrorist" sympathizer -- is straight up racism meant to appeal to unobjective fears that might result into votes for the Republicans.

Apart from showing that McCain has conceded the race, it also destroys and legacy of decency and honesty that McCain ever attributed to McCain.
It also harms race relations in the United States.

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