When Will Florida Governor Investigate Corruption Allegations

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[Letters To The Editor]

The former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio recently stated that perception is an issue politicians should worry about; specifically stating that "In politics, the standard has to be higher than something being legal.''

Transparency, accountability, and most importantly, real leadership in the allegations against House Speaker Ray Sansom starts with Governor Charlie Crist. In the matter of public interest, why hasn’t the Governor directed a formal investigation into the reported claims of wrongdoings against the Florida House Speaker, NWFSC College President, and Governor’s appointed Board of Trustees and the $6M appropriation to a real estate developer’s initiative? The recent NWFDN Editorials, "It’s Time for Sansom to Choose," on 12/21/2008 and other news media have presented compelling arguments, but only Gov. Crist can maintain or restore public trust by directing a formal investigation into these recurring allegations. So the begging question is…what is Gov Crist waiting for or what is his involvement?


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