White House Don't Release $30 Billion to Gen. Younes' Killers in Benghazi

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Washington and other Western capitals were irresponsible in "recognizing" the Nicholas Sarkozy so-called rebels in Benghazi as Libya's "legitimate" government.

From whence do they draw their "legitimacy"? By being able to invite NATO to bombard parts of their country and kill civilians while on a mission to "protect" civilians? Do they derive "legitimacy" because the Western capitals say so?

Rather than advancing the cause of democracy in Libya, President Obama, President Sarkozy, and Prime Minister Cameron, have plunged the country into an even more disastrous state of affairs by continuing to push for a military resolution.

Washington would only compound the calamity if it wrongfully and recklessly released the $30 billion in Libyan assets to Benghazi whose true colors are now fully on display for the world.

Only one day after London recognized Benghazi and expelled Tripoli's diplomats to the United Kingdom, the "rebels" summarily executed their own military commander Gen. Abdul Fattah Younes. His bullet riddled and burned body was reported dumped on the streets.

If the "rebels" can commit such a brutal crime on their own top general in Benghazi, where the Western countries now have representatives, what lies in store for other Libyans, especially those in Tripoli still working with the government of Muammar al-Quathafi?

At his funeral yesterday in Benghazi, Younes' son Ashraf, as his father's body was lowered into the grave, according to an account by The Associated Press mentioned in The Washington Post yelled: “We want Moammar to come back! We want the green flag back!”

Gen. Younes' killing not only exposes the cruelty of the political leadership---it could ignite multiple allegiances and compound Libya's NATO-backed civil war.

Gen. Younes met the fate of countless Libyans who have been summarily executed by Benghazi, after being suspected of being al-Quathafi supporters, especially migrants from other African countries or Black Libyans. Some have been lynched with ropes while others have been beheaded.

Most major American media outlets, such as The New York Times and CNN, eager to support Washington's Libya policy, have adopted pro-"rebel" coverage and have ignored or downplayed the "rebels'" atrocities.

At least The Wall Street Journal, on June 21, reported on the racialist ethnic cleansing of Black Misuratan Libyans; both the Times and CNN have yet to mention the possible racist massacres.  Any interested reader can go on Google or Youtube and research the "rebels" barbarity. Rivers of blood would flow were they to venture into Tripoli.

Rather than even considering providing Benghazi with a vast fortune of $30 billion, and more weaponry, this is the time for Washington and London to reject Sarkozy's delusional military approach.

Embrace the African Union peace plan. The plan calls for an internationally-monitored ceasefire, creation of a humanitarian relief coridoor, negotiations for a constitution then followed by democratic national elections.

End the war on Libya.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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