Who Is Sarah Palin?

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I keep hearing about some lady who is not afraid to take on the “old boys” of Alaska.

I struggle to picture any old boys other than Eskimos and Polar Bears, but at least she’s a looker. This is obviously Senator John McCain’s answer to “Change you can Believe in,” I can’t believe it.

Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska for a year and a half and has now been selected as the VP running mate by the same guy who claims Obama doesn’t have the experience to lead the country.

Palin is a former Mayor of towering, sprawling Wasilla with a population of 9000 and was reportedly chosen on one phone call and one visit with McCain. So much for the vice presidential search team; if you recall Republicans made a huge stink about the man Obama initially picked just to lead his strategists in a search to find and approve a running mate.

McCain just uses a quarter and a plane ticket and it’s a done deal. I find it interesting that since Hillary and Obama, old white male is no longer the end-all-and-be-all in national politics.

Yet the question still lingers; who is Sarah Palin and what has she done? Unless you’re a political insider, or an Alaskan insider, you don’t know her. What church does she go to? Does she have a controversial race-baiting Minister like Obama and McCain did? What does this mother of five have that Mitt Romney and Joe Lieberman don’t have?

Many Republicans are about to throw in the towel. The common positions with old boy politics and Palin is said to stop at pro-life, conservative, and hunter. Like Obama, she is a young basketball-playing intellectual; she worked her way up the ranks of local Wasilla politics to becoming the first and youngest woman, at 42, elected governor of Alaska.

This is great for the state known as the “last frontier;” to the rest of the country she is just a stranger with small-town values. History has proven a woman VP candidate doesn’t equate to victory. I remember back in 1984 how surprised I was that women simply did not gravitate to the polls for Walter Mondale’s running mate Geraldine Ferraro.

Mondale-Ferraro lost the women’s vote by 12 points. Mrs. Palin may not be where she is, if she were a man.

She can also be Republican-petty. She is reportedly being investigated for the manner in which the Alaska Public Safety Commissioner was fired. The suspicion he lost his job because he refused to fire trooper Mike Wooten. Wooten is said to have gone through an ugly divorce from Palin’s sister.

Sarah, on Earth people get divorced OK? Time will tell if she can rock the house and bring the crowds as no-doubt McCain hopes she can. According to CNN’s Ed Rollins: “The Democrats now have their own version of an RR orator and like Reagan, Obama’s speeches are his own words.”

McCain found a soft face to balance his bad temper; but this could be her springboard for 2012.



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